Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am really tired tonight

I was up way too late last night. I think I went to bed at 1:30. I did lay down on the couch today with Ellie and I went out. I think it was for 5 minutes but I had to quickly get up or else I would have been out for a long time. I can't do that with the other little ones running around.
Mitch woke up with a cough and was complaining that his throat was sore. Todd told him he could stay home today. What??? Dad a softy?? My dad was never that easy when it came to staying home from school. Mom was a different story! :) He acted pretty tired and just pretty much rested on the couch today. I cleaned, changed sheets on beds, wiped down bathrooms, and straightened kids rooms and kept the laundry going. I had Emily and Mitty folding clothes this morning. They did a great job and put the clothes away. Mitty vacuumned the living room this afternoon also. I am always so grateful for any help they want to give. It helps so much. Todd parents arrived this evening and the kids enjoyed the visit with them tonight. Poppy gets them so wound up. They love it. At one point they were having pillow fights with the throw pillows on the couch. Too wild!! They are staying at a hotel in Pismo so not too far. We will hook up with them tomorrow and go walk around downtown SLO, eat lunch with Todd and hopefully enjoy the beautiful weather :). Poppy wants to see the Mission and Grandma has a few quilt shops she has mapped out to visit before she leaves.
I have stuck to my points today and even ran tonight...3.1 miles. I go to the gym and run on the treadmill. Jenny, I pretty much go for the distance (at least 3 miles). I am just proud of myself that I am able to run for 30 minutes straight without stopping to walk. I feel so great after I workout. All walkers and runners.....we should all meet up someday and do a 5k. I'm not sure I'm in to do much more than that. I really don't have the desire to do marathons. I've done a couple of 5K's and it's really fun. I'm off to shower and hit the sack. I hope to feel rested tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Am I Going Nuts????

I am totally losing it. Today I took Casey to school and realized in my head that it was Wednesday and we forgot his library book. We were a couple of minutes late but not late enough to miss the kids lining up and going into class. I didn't see his class so we hung his things up and walked to the library to find his class (still haven't realized it really isn't Wed.). We didn't see the kids so we asked another teacher where his class was....they finally told us they were in a completely different room for an activity. I drop Casey off at the classroom, run back to the car to look through the truck to see if his book happen to be in the car......ahhhhh it was there. I run it back to his room and then go and tell him that I found it so he wouldn't be thinking that he can't check out a book today since he didn't return his other. I finally get back to the truck and sit down in the seat and think what am I isn't even Wednesday. I am losing it!!!! I find myself doing this kind of thing often. I think I have too many things going on. Just to get out of the house seems like it takes so much mentally....make sure the kids use the bathroom, change Ellie, get a bottle, formula, diapers, wipes, blanket, jackets for all, snacks, and/or lunch, etc. I need to make a serious chart that I can put up on the inside of the pantry door that we all look at each day. You are probably thinking, why don't I get a planner/calendar. Yep, I already have that. The kids each have a different library day and a different sharing day. Now the teacher just sent home an assignment for Mitch to collect 100 things and display them for Monday and count out 100 pieces for a snack and on top of that he is the star of the week so bring in pictures, awards, items he wants to share for the week and fill out the questionnaire. The 100 items is for the 100th day of first grade. They are going to be combining all of their snacks to put in a big container. Too many details for me right now. Thank goodness my boys can do their homework during the week pretty much on their own. They are good about that. :)

Just a crazy day today. And I did visiting teaching this morning and will visit another lady tomorrow morning. I love the feeling after making those visits. I know they are important!

I did go and workout tonight which always makes me feel better. I have to document...I was able to run for 31 minutes straight tonight. I am proud of myself. I keep adding a couple more minutes to my time if I can. I was in the mood tonight with my music pumping!! I love that ipod. What a great invention. I'm trying to take off my last 13 lbs. They don't seem to want to come off to easily. I started my week out right on Sunday with counting my points. I am waiting until Sunday to weigh again. Time for bed....this body is tired physically and mentally.

The kids were really good for me today. I didn't have any problems with them. I love when I can say that!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Random pics for Mom

Happy Birthday Danny!

I need a picture of Danny and me!! This is Barbie and Danny about 5 months ago.
Happy B'day Danny!! Danny is 27yrs. old today. I can't believe my youngest brother is already 27. That makes me feel a bit old. Here are 27 things about Danny:

1. He has a heart!
2. He has clean toe nails that are manicured by him. :)
3. He has the best color skin...i'm jealous Danny.
4. He has the whitest teeth.
5. He is a teddy bear.
6. He can draw really well.
7. He is musically talented.
8. He doesn't seem to care what others think...I guess that can be good and bad. haha
9. He knows how to cook ..tasty food!
10. He is athletic.
11. He can fix anything.
12. He likes old cars.
13. He likes the beach.
14. He drives a truck.
15. He appreciates and loves a home cooked meal :)
16. He loves his family but has a hard time saying that. (don't we all have different ways of showing it)
17. I heard him talking baby talk with his girlfriend one time. The cutest thing see your brother who is all grown up and tough like talking baby talk to his girlfriend.
18. Has a cat and really takes good care of it.
19. Very easy going.
20. Loves pepper and tabasco sauce.
21. Is very much a gentlemen.
22. Has a great laugh...I love it.
23. Is a very hairy guy!!! It's ok's just genes:) We all have a little extra :)
24. Has short toes. They are cute Danny...i love them.
25. I could call on him to help me and I know that he would.
26. I hope that he will come back to church someday.. C'mon can do it!!! We're here for you bud!
27. I hope that he and Mike will someday be best friends!!

Danny, I hope you have great day and know that your family loves you!!! I love you and I hope that you know that! I am here to help you if you ever need anything.

Busy weekend!!

I have been pretty busy this week with kids schedules, getting ready for Barbie and my dad to come and stay, and just keeping up the housework. I guess if I want to keep up the housework pretty good then I don't seem to fit in the blogging. This is a problem. :)

Barbie and my dad got here Thursday afternoon just as we were getting home from school. The boys and Emily were so dang excited to see them. The boys of course were fighting to see who was going to get out of the truck first. Oh, it's too much for me. We started the weekend off right with a lot of Loco, our favorite Mexican food. Too bad Todd had to work on Friday so he couldn't enjoy hanging out with us. He was able to have a little fun himself though on Friday. He got the opportunity to pose for a possible commercial for 98.7 at the Courthouse in SLO. They needed a business man who owned a white shirt, tie and a suit. Our bishop and another guy were involved as well. Todd was totally in his element. He ended up being the guy wearing the headphones who had to dance his way down the courthouse steps holding a briefcase. Todd said that they had another guy doing it but he was so spastic in his dancing that Todd was offering out suggestions of what he could do. They just put Todd up there and said you do it. He gave some good moves and then did a little air guitar with the briefcase at the end. He said it was a bit tough since he had to pretend that music was playing in his ears. For those of you who know Todd, he was in heaven. He doesn't always show that side to the public but we know it's there. Todd loves to put on a good show for a camera that is "ON"....right Mom, Barbie, Dad??? We've all seen him get nuts!! He is pretty fun. He knows how to have a good time!!

Friday we went up to SLO and had lunch, took Todd some lunch after his shoot and then found a great frozen yogurt place. We had to frequent the yogurt store again on Saturday. Dad came up with the best creation....banana cheesecake yogurt, hot caramel sauce, some ghiradelli chocolate yogurt and mini choc. chips. It was a knockout!! I love frozen yogurt!!!
I made chicken parmesean with spaghetti for dinner and that turned out to be really good too. We took care of an entire loaf of french bread. You know when the warm/toasty bread just hits the spot?? After dinner the "C Chips" were calling. I had to whip those up. We watched a little survivorman on discovery. It's a great show.

Saturday we woke up and made a little tasty french toast with this excellent Sourdough bread. We went lite since we were hitting Alphy's for lunch. We went to Alphy's and then had to end lunch with the yogurt shop. It was a very fun afternoon together as a family!! It started raining here on Saturday. I love to hear the rain. Todd and dad went to the hardware store and replaced lightbulbs outside and changed plugs inside. Mitch just told me, "Grandpa is good at changing plugs." After a few sparks and a little jolt the job got done. Haha. Dad did a great job and I'm so glad he can do just about anything. Thanks dad!!

Emily was up in the night on Friday having a hard time sleeping...she was really stuffed up. Saturday morning she was not moving. I thought oh know, now she is going to be down for the count. After she took a hot shower she was a different girl. Back to playing and having fun. She has a cold but the steam must have really helped in clearing her out. I went out and bought Airbornne for kids and adults. I had her start taking it yesterday afternoon and I think it really works. She is a 100 times better today. Her nose isn't running and she is playing like any other day. I'm so glad it didn't get worse. Thanks Barbie for making me get it. I took some so I'm hoping not to get a cold. I haven't had one this winter. KNOCK ON WOOD! Mitty made waffles this morning so that was yummy!! Barbie and Dad took off around 10:30 this morning. I hate that. I wish they lived closer. We really had a good time. The kids just love having them come and stay. The boys and Emily had lots of fun with dad (grandpa). Thanks dad for all of the lunches and help. I enjoyed having you around the house. Same with you lady. I can't wait to have you back.....soon!

I guess this post is long enough...sorry. I had to document our fun outings with family. Now we will get ready for Todd's parents who are coming on Wednesday. I don't mind having guests. The kids told me they love having family come and stay at our house. I do too!! Everyone is welcome!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Boys are under the weather....:(

Today is beautiful outside. I love when the sky is so blue and the sun is bright. It is probably cold out but looks so nice. Mitty complained yesterday of his throat hurting but I had no choice but to take him to church. I had to teach the sunbeams and Todd is occupied with his calling. He was ok but then at dinner he wanted some herbal tea to make his throat feel better. He woke up this morning with a sore throat still so I kept him home. I think he is loving it!! Casey also was up in the night blowing his nose and I could hear this morning that he has a runny nose. Ugh!! I hate colds. Emily and Ellie are fine and Emily is wild today for some reason.

Yesterday was ok. The kids were fine for me during Sacrament but then I taught the Sunbeams. Yikes.. Any suggestions of what to do with them for an hour and a half in a classroom. I didn't know that our Primary Pres. brings the sunbeams into sharing time for just the last 1/2 hour. Now I know I need blocks and playdough...something to occupy them. It is a bit challenging with Ellie. One of the boys dad asked if I was going to be there teacher even with Ellie. I said, "Yep". He said, "I think that is what I call....Trooper." Yes it is. During sharing time is the hardest time for the sunbeams. I had Todd take Ellie for a bit while he conducted Priesthood and then he came back into Primary. It is a complete juggling act when I substitute in Primary. Thank goodness I had dinner ready in the oven when we walked in the door. That is the best feeling!!! I have found that it is a must to have a roast in the oven with the table set before we go to church. Being organized is so key!! Too bad it doesn't happen very often for me.

I need to really focus on my goals again. I feel like so much of my time is taking care of my kids and house that there isn't much time for me to sit and work on goals. Anyone else feel like that???? By the time I get to bed there is no way my eyes would even stay awake to read anything. I guess what it means is less computer time...darn! I have to balance everything in a week's time. I am working on more laundry today and getting the rooms organized better...clutter and papers dealt with. Better go and get started.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Friday...and Saturday

It was nice to have a day with Todd home. We had our lunch date at Alphy's. It is such great food!! They serve the best salads...the chef makes everything to order and makes the dressing from scratch for each salad. I should have taken a picture. The salads are huge but I am able to eat every last bite. I love good salads!!

It was fun to take Ellie and Emily to Wal-Mart to get a gift for a b'day party. It is so much easier to just have two then all four. Todd picked up the boys from school and got donuts for them. They were in heaven. It's so hard to stick to points when Todd is here. He loves all of the fun stuff. Anyway, we went to a b'day party on Friday night at our friends house. It was really fun for the kids and us adults. Casey left there saying, Mom, I really love my teacher's house. There house is beautiful...3300 square feet and on a golf course. Yes Casey, mom loves her house too. Anyway, the kids played so nicely together we were all really surprised. Usually with that many kids someone is not happy or fighting over something. Mitch was giving all of the younger kids piggy back rides and they were in heaven with that. It is so nice to be with church friends in a casual setting...away from the church building. Do you know what I mean? You can't get to know people just being at church. We all had a good time and had the kids up too late....10:30.

Saturday morning, I got up and went to work out after getting all of the papers organized for Todd to take the boys to get signed up for baseball. Todd took all four of the kids with him which was so nice of him to do. I didn't expect that but was very happy since it allowed me to go workout. He did all of the errands yesterday. It was really nice. I loved not having to go all over town to get things done. Todd got the oil changed in the truck, went to the cleaners, went to the store, signed the kids up for baseball, went to Trader Joes and then went out to get our Taco Loco for dinner. I was able to tackle some stuff here in the house. Always laundry and then papers. I hate papers!! How do you get ahead with 4 children??? Please let me know what the secret is?

I'm excited for Barbie to come up and visit. Barbie, this will make my week go by very quickly..yeah!! I better go and get the roast in the oven while the kids are all happy. Wish me luck today...I am teaching the sunbeams with Ellie. Oh help!!! Maybe it will turn out better than I am expecting.

Ellie's 6 Month Check Up

Friday was a really nice day. Todd was home and I was able to workout after taking Mitch to school. I love that!! It is so nice to get it over with in the morning. I ran for 25 minutes....yeah!! I'm proud of myself. I'm telling you the ipod does wonders for me.

I then took Ellie to her 6 month check up. She is doing well. She weighed in at 15 lbs. 11 oz. I don't think my other children were that big at this point. I will have to go back and check their books. Ellie had to have shots which is not fun. All of my kids have never had a problem with having shots. Thank goodness!! Ellie really likes her food. She loves sweet potatoes and all of the fruits. She growls for her food...literally. She grabs for everything and puts it right into her mouth if she can. She has really turned into a pretty mellow baby. She can be entertained with her toys pretty well. She loves the jumperoo as seen in the picture above. She can watch all of us from sitting in that bouncing to her hearts content. She can really get that thing going. It's so fun to watch her grow and do more and more things. The time has really gone by fast since having her. Faster than with any other child. It's a little bit sad in a way. Only for a second though :) She loves for Casey to play with her...he can really get her laughing and calmed down if needed. He is a good babysitter. Emily likes to feed her and does a really good job. Ellie continues to sleep through the night....every night. She is so wonderful!! Emily was the same way. At about 5 weeks Emily slept through the night and has never changed. Ellie still takes a couple of naps during the day which is nice. She is baby who I can lay down in her crib while she is awake and she will go off to sleep. She actually prefers to be put into her bed when she is tired now. I learned from my first that you have to start that early so that they get used to going to sleep in their bed. It's proven to work now. Ellie is so fun to have in our family and she brings such joy to each one of us. She is such a sweet hearty. (That is what I call her.)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Recap on the Missionary Dinner and Pinewood Derby Event

I forgot to take a better picture of the food on a plate until it was almost gone. Here is the spinach fettucine, with chicken and pesto sauce. It was very good..the pic isn't looking too hot but a very easy recipe that was good. It was a good dinner but the elders always stay tooooooo lonnnnnngggggg. I think over 2 hours is too long. We had to put the kids to bed while they were here. It was getting too late and the kids end up just going wild if the elders are still here. My headache was throbbing and I just wanted to say "TIME TO GO NOW!" The one elder had fun really rubbing in the "green" thing. It was fun and I am always glad to feed them. I mean the one told me that he buys 2 big macs for $2.72 and eats one and puts the other in the freezer. That is just awful! A frozen big mac. I'm not sure it gets worse than that.

Here is the cake after we had served it up thankfully. The kids apparently kept going into the kitchen and taking another lick off of the top while we were occupied talking at the table. it was pretty classic to see that once I went back into the kitchen. Todd got a real laugh out of it. Truthfully, I was happy it turned out like that because I could then throw it out and not be tempted. I'm back on and really trying hard to lose these last 12-15 pounds. Why are they the hardest???!!!!

I have been really busy just trying to keep the house picked up, kids homework done, errands, feeding Ellie, feeding, Emily, keeping the laundry rotated and folded. Some days it just feels like there is too much for mom to do.

Tonight we went to the scouts "Pinewood Derby". Since Mitch will be joining the scouts in the fall, they invite him to all of the major events this year..Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold dinner, and day camp in the summer. He was excited to go but at the last minute was asking why we really had to go. Is this the beginning??? Ugh. Then he wondered why he had to comb his hair instead of just putting on a hat. Todd had to chime in and tell him that that is what we do everyday...take a shower and comb our hair. He knows all of this. He has been complaining lately about everything that he has to do. Even the stuff that he has been doing for days, months, etc. It's a bit painful. I think I'm getting a glimpse of the near future and feeling a bit worried/not excited for it to come.

The boys and Emily sat and watched the cars race on the track. It was fun and it brought back so many going to my brothers, Mike and Danny, scouting events...even the Pinewood Derby. All of the graphite and the weights and the painting, etc. I look forward to those times with my boys and Todd. It started to get very boring for them tonight. I guess when they don't have a car racing the interest dies out quickly. Mitty, Casey and Emily sure had fun playing with all of the older scouts. Casey just loves to get right in there and egg the big boys on..."C'mon chase me, chase me" Casey says and then takes off around the gym floor. They take off after him and Casey is just cracking up. Too funny. I'm glad they had fun with the kids tonight. Emily pretty much copies every single thing her brothers do. SCARE ME!!

I look forward to tomorrow...Todd has the day off!! YEAH! I love the Friday's that he is home. I pretty much know I have a date for lunch. Todd is a food conosieur (SP). He loves to find new places or visit the good ones that we already love. Barbie, I think it's going to be LOCO for lunch. You have to try Alphy's too. New place for you lady. You will love it.

I think he is just now getting home from his meeting. It was a long one tonight. I am very grateful for the time that he puts into his calling. He is a leader for our family and such a good example to me and our children. It has been a really good experience for our family having him in the bishopric. Love you Todd! Goodnight all.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Green Dinner....Missionaries for Dinner :)

Yes, I know it sounds wierd. I signed the missionaries up for dinner for tonight. The one Elder called yesterday and asked if I could make a really green dinner. I said, well, you have to give me a little more info than that. What is this for and what do you mean by everything green. I thought all guys 19 yrs. old were not into green food (usually means veggies). I guess we are having a missionary tonight that this will be his first meal out in the mission field. Now do you get it?? I had to laugh. He is "green". Anyway, so of course Todd and I are really getting into this and playing along with it. We decided our dinner is going to be spinach fettucine(green) with chicken and pesto sauce, green salad, choc. cake with green frosting and he can have a green can of gingerale at his plate. I think it will be fun. I will have to take a pic later once it is done and on the table.
Todd said that he had that done to him on his mission...the family made green pancakes, green choc. milk, and something else was made green. Pretty funny.

Today has been a kick back day. Everyone has seemed to be really mellow so far. I probably should not be on here since I do need to vacuum, put some clothes away and get the dinner started while Ellie is sleeping. Amie, what was that about procrastination?? I think I am queen of it just under the king of it...Todd :) hahaha. I thought that was pretty funny.

I set my alarm last night to get up at 5am to workout. Who am I kidding? I woke up but there was no chance I was getting out of bed to go outside and freeze on my way over to the gym. So I went back to sleep. I'm so bad. I hate going so late at night but I guess I don't have many options. I will try going to bed much earlier tonight and see if I can do it tomorrow. I would love to have it out of the way first thing in the morning. How do you all do it with children?? The clock is ticking and I better round up the troops for some help in getting this place in shape for dinner guests. Good day to all!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


What is up with the weather lately??? It has been so cold. I know we are wimps to you guys in Utah & Washington. It is so nice to be in the house with the heater on :).

We made it through another Sunday. I was talking to a friend today and we were just commenting how we always feel so tired and exhausted on Sundays. Sunday's are a workout for me. I always have a throbbing headache half way through church. Thank goodness for advil that I luckily found in my purse. I was dying. It's hard because I am holding Ellie for the entire 3 hours. She did better today with her "loud" voice. It was the boys. They are good but Casey has such a hard time whispering instead of talking to Mitty. Emily was a wiggle worm today...up and down off of the pew. She started to fall at one point and I was able to catch her with my leg. Crazy!!

Tonight Todd and I made the best pot of chili. Todd gets so into his recipes. It's pretty funny. The kids were wild this evening and had a hard time settling down in bed. Mainly the boys again. Emily is great when it comes to bed time. She willingly gets into bed. I made Todd his C Chips (Choc. chip cookies) tonight and can't ever stay out of the cookie dough. I am starting over again on my points in the morning. How many times do I start over?? It's pretty pathetic.

On Saturday, Todd took the boys to a baseball clinic they offered close by. The baseball team from Cal-Poly SLO came and had 7 different stations for the kids to rotate through. It was free and the boys loved it. Todd said it was really fun for all of the kids. Casey tired out a bit halfway through. Mitch is pretty excited to start. It was so nice having those 2 hours to clean up in the house and get some laundry done, make beds, vacuum and be with the girls. Ellie slept and so it was me and miss Em. Emily insisted on a game of Candyland. Mom, it may be starting!!! I use to insist on playing Chuttes and Ladders with my mom until I won. And I think I had to play many of me winning every time. I know my mom was dying. We laugh about it today. Anyway, I think Todd needs to take the kids every Saturday for a few hours so that I can run through the house without interruptions. It was pretty nice. I then worked out again. That makes it 3 times this week. I would have liked to have gone more but that's all I could do. That ipod is saving my life at the gym. I can run forever with music that gets me pumped.

How could I forget to say that Emily had to cut her bangs again. I am dying. I went back into my bathroom and there she was....she had wet her bangs and had the comb out and had cut a piece of her bangs. I had to laugh to myself because she was doing it all right just a bit too short. Little ones are so observant. They watch how us parents do everything...SCARRRYYYY!! I had to cut more bangs and shorten them a lot. It's a bummer because it will take at least a month for them to look pretty decent again. She just did this back in August while we were on vacation. And now again??!!! Help. Thank goodness I just had her pictures taken.

The boys are out of school and we will try and do something fun tomorrow. I don't think I can be in the house with all of the kids for 2 days in a row. They definitely need to get out. :) I better hit the sack. My head is hurting for the 8th day in a row and I need to go to bed somewhat early. Goodnight.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Nothing too exciting is going on here. The weather has been really nice..warm the last few days. I have been busy with the kids of course. There isn't too much down time with 4 children. I have to say that I haven't been getting up at 5:00am. I have been working out at night. I did wake up the other morning and felt ok but realized that I would be wiped by 1:00pm and no opportunity to take a nap. I'm thinking 5:00am is OUT! I have to document that I was able to run for 25 minutes without even stopping(that is good for me) with my ipod. As long as I have keeps me running. It totally pumps me up. I haven't attempted running since I had Ellie. This is good and now I am pumped to get back on the treadmill tonight.

Mitch has told me that he wants to take piano lessons. I can't believe it. I have always wanted my boys to learn to play the piano. I love to see men play the piano. There is one problem...we have no piano. Maybe we can get a key board or something along those lines. I don't want to miss my chance of his enthusiasm for learning to play. Maybe we will start this summer. It's January and time to sign up for baseball. The boys are excited to play. I am excited that Mitch will now move up to the next level. He and Casey are both ready for that. I think Casey has one more year of t-ball. It will be fun to go and watch. They didn't play anything last year. We moved here just after the sign ups and there wasn't any openings for them. I am ready to get back into watching their games.

Ellie is asleep and I have about 2/3 loads of laundry to fold. I better get to work. Maybe I can recruit Emily to help :) This was a boring's kind of a blah day.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Took the Girls for a Walk Today

This was before our walk...Ellie was happy and awake.

Once we got back, she was fast asleep with her thumb in the right place :).

Here is Emily ready to go on her new bike. She is hamming it up. She was a great walking partner. She rode fast. I had to keep up with her. She did really well. I think this will be a daily routine. Take the boys to school and then the girls take a walk. Emily loves it. Her little legs were going so fast that after 10 minutes she was done. She downed the water once we got home.

It was quite a moment that Ellie was able to stay up in the umbrella stroller. Is she too young? Heck, she stayed up so I think she is good to go. I hate those big and bulky strollers. All I have is a double stroller and I'm not buying another big stroller. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

The computer was down all day....I was going through withdrawals. I did get a lot done around the house or should I say the boys did. We all did chores together. We had fun. I was very surprised with the answer that I got when I asked the boys if they would empty out the dishwasher. They exclaimed..."Yeah!!" and took off for the dishwasher. Ok then, I can handle this. They loved it and did it together and were done in minutes. How long will this enthusiasm for chores stay?! I caught a picture of Casey with a big smile juggling cups.

Tonight I put my new ipod to use and absolutely loved it. The right music can pump me up while I'm working out. I can't wait to get more songs on it. What a beautiful invention.

One of my new goals this year is to go to bed early. I better hit it. It goes hand in hand with another get up at
5:00am and be working out at the gym by 5:30am. It's a reach but I would love to do it in the morning vs. at night. Todd has to leave around 6:40 so that is my only choice. We'll see if I can do it...maybe a couple of times a week.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Here is a picture of my new bedding. Yes, it has taken a bit to get the pictures on.

Here is our newest Sunbeam!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Emily's First Day as a Sunbeam :)

I wish I had taken a picture. I was in a bad way once church let out tonight at 5:30. My head was throbbing, I had to lay down on the bench of the truck for a minute before we could leave to go home. I felt so sick to my stomach. It was from fasting and the throbbing headache will always make me feel sick. I will have to get a picture of her tomorrow with her big sparkley sunbeam crown her teacher gave her. She was so cute and loved it. She did better than the boys ever did. My boys never wanted to go in and sit down with their class during Sharing time. It was a struggle for a while with them. Mainly Mitty. Casey was better because he had his brother in there. Emily was just hamming it up today. She was getting up in front of the primary to sing songs with her other classmate and the chorister. They encouraged it a bit because they were the new sunbeams. She got up and sang "I Am a Child of God". It was great to see her enjoying it so much. She sat with her teacher really well. (I was in there substituting for Casey's class) so I got to see it all. Very fun. After Primary she went back to her classroom and sat with her teacher and another little boy eating raisins. It is so fun to watch children grow and develop. I couldn't believe how grown up Casey acts in Primary. I was so proud of my children.

As for Ellie today....oh wow. This is going to be a hard year in church without having Todd on the pew with us. I had to stand out in the foyer for the last 15 minutes of Sacrament continually checking back in through the doors to make sure the other kids weren't fighting or being too loud. Ellie just starts using her voice and is so loud. It was bad. She isn't crying but that voice is just too loud for Sacrament meeting. She was tired and usually is happy to just be put into her bed to go to sleep on her own. That was a bit rough but we made it through.

I came home and immediately had to lay down on the couch, put a blanket over me and my head so that I could not see an ounce of light and snooze off. It was so wonderful....Todd made the dinner and did such a good job. As always!! He is an excellent cook. I ate and could barely keep my head was throbbing big time. I must of looked really bad off because in the dinner prayer that Casey offered he said and help Mommy to start to feel better. So sweet. He was staring at me the whole time through dinner because I was holding one side of my head. I ate and then layed back down and fell asleep for a couple of hours. I woke up at 9:15 and the kids were all in bed, dinner dishes done and Todd was playing with Ellie. THANK YOU TODD!! And my headache was gone. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I threw in some loads of laundry and straightened up and now I should hit the sack. It's back to school tomorrow. I was just getting used to this sleeping in thing. I think the boys are excited to go back. Casey mentioned that in his prayer us to have good days at school. He really likes school and his teacher. He loved getting a thank you card from his school teacher in the mail over this Christmas vacation. He was so giddy he could hardly read the card. Too cute. Time for bed. I am turning over a new leaf....I am trying to go to bed early. I always feel so much better when I do.

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!!!*** He would have been 89 years old, right Mom?? He passed away 9 years ago from Melanoma cancer. I miss having him around. I wish that he could have lived to see my kids. We will all meet again someday.

I'm up late

I'm up helping Todd burn cd's for our primary tomorrow. We did this in our ward in Rancho. It is such a great gift for the new year. We put all of the songs that need to be learned for the Primary Program and then songs to learn and sing throughout 2007. There is a list. Our new ward hadn't heard of doing this and so we helped them out a bit by suggesting it last year to them. Now since Todd is over the primary I guess it became our job. I am more than happy to do it. I think it is so great for the kids to have a cd of primary songs they can listen to in the car or in the home. My kids have enjoyed having the cd's every year for the past 4 years. They usually listen to it while they are going to sleep. It's amazing how fast kids learn songs.

It has been so hard to get my house organized and Christmas stuff put away. I love to get it out and decorate but the putting it all away is awful. I have taken everything down...just getting into the right boxes and put away is now another job that I don't want to do. I would love a maid to come and sweep through my place. After taking care of the kids and all of their needs, wants, fights, you name it....I am not in the mood to clean once they go to bed. I want to do something that I have waited to do all day. Maybe it means nothing. Maybe I'm just in a mood right now. I'm looking at too many jobs that need to be done and only one of me to do them. Todd and the kids helped out today. I have to put a plug in for Todd....he got our sheets in the wash and changed them over to the dryer and then while I was out, running a few errands, he got them all put back on the bed. THANK YOU TODD! I couldn't do it alone. I have been feeling it and realizing how much of the day is just handling the kids. I have my work cut out for me.

I worked with Mitty on his diorama that is due on Monday. After working on it and finishing it I then read on his assignment sheet that it was an option. YOU ARE KIDDING ME??!!! Oh well, he had fun for 2 hours. It turned out cute. He is excited to share it with his class.

Just a funny tidbit...tonight I asked Todd if he wanted to keep the receipt from buying the cd's to get reimbursed(for primary) and he said, " Do you want to turn this receipt in?" I looked at it and it had the cd's and tampax. I said, well, I guess we chalk this one up as our contribution to the primary kids.

Not much to write that is interesting tonight. Not too much exciting has been going on for us. Just trying to get things ready for Monday...back to school. :)


How much would you pay a babysitter to watch 4 kids for about 5 hours on a Saturday night?? I am so out of touch with what the going rate is. Let me know. Thanks!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Here I Go..."100 things"

Here are a 100 things about me....let's see if I can do it.

1. I am 31 yrs. old
2. I have 4 children
3. I am married to my best friend.
4. I love to laugh so hard that I cry
5. I love Women's Conference.
6. I love my brother's and sisters.
7. I have much appreciation for my parents and what they sacrificed for me.
8. I love my parents.
9. I hate my fingernails.
10. I have blue eyes.
11. I have freckles.
12. I love to meet Todd for lunch.
13. I love to have my hair brushed.
14. I hate cellulite.
15. I love the beach.
16. I fear the ocean and what lies beneath. (I've watched too many shows)
17. I love the tv show "I Shouldn't Be Alive" (it's on Friday nights on Discovery. It's the best!)
18. I love roller coasters.
19. I love the gospel.
20. I love church books.
21. I am mentally stable.
22. I was a cheerleader in high school.
23. My first car to drive was a Chevy Dually. I loved it!!!
24. The first car I was paying for was a Chevy Malibu.
25. I love trucks/SUV's. Preferably Chevy :).
26. Weight Watchers changed my life 9 years ago.
27. I love Hawaii.
28. I love the smell of a new car.
29. I wish I was more knowlegable about the gospel.
30. I hate to be too cold.
31. I love perfumes.
32. I love lotions
33. I love to watch the waves crash on the beach.
34. I love Blue Lantern Bed and Breakfast in Dana Point.
35. I am 1 of 6 children (the 4th child)
36. I hate that I bite my nails.
37. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.
38. I love having my hair washed at the salon.
39. I love a clean house.
40. I hate chaos.
41. I love working out at the gym.
42. I love Jack in the Box tacos.
43. I love black beans.
44. I hate the pink tile in my kitchen (It's a rental.)
45. I can't wait to own a home.
46. I love to dream about my dream house.
47. I love when Emily runs up to me and hugs my leg.
48. I love Emily's cute teeth.
49. I love Casey's big brown eyes.
50. I get grumpy when I'm hungry.
51. I love to buy things for my house.
52. I do not wish for any pets. At least not now.
53. I love playing video games and am very competitive...Mario Kart is my favorite.
54. I love that Todd and I have Mario fests. We love it!!
55. I can't wait to be a grandma.
56. I fear the choices my children may make some day.
57. I love General Conference.
58. I was sealed in the Los Angeles Temple.
59. I wish my whole family lived in the same neighborhood.
60. I wish my dad didn't have to work another day in his life. He has worked too hard.
61. I love the feeling that I get after doing my visiting teaching.
62. I fear giving talks in church. Definitely not my favorite.
63. I love the bread and dipping oil at Peppino's.
64. I have no control when it comes to chips and salsa.
65. I love Mexican food...Tostadas.
66. I love to bake!
67. I love to see my family happy.
68. I love having a tan.
69. I love Costco.
70. I love CPK.
71. My favorite food is BBQ chicken chopped salad.
72. I love vegetables.
73. I wish I were more outgoing.
74. I wish I could sing in front of people...I would love to take voice lessons.
75. I love wearing flip-flops.
76. I would love to have parties and entertain people often.
77. I love a fire when it is cold.
78. I love to snuggle under a cozy blanket and watch "our shows"...Law in OrderSVU, House, and I Shouldn't Be Alive.
79. I would love to go back and finish school.
80. I love freshly painted toe nails.
81. I love a good foot rub with lotion.
82. I love a cupboard stocked with food.
83. I wish I was more creative.
84. I love jewelery.
85. I love watching my children grow in the gospel.
87. I love Taekwondo.
88. I love spending time with my sisters and mom.
89. I love making Todd his chocolate chip cookies. He get's so excited about it.
90. I love that Todd can talk to anybody.
91. I wish I could dance.
92. I do not like crowds...the swapmeet is not my favorite.
93. I love molasses cookie dough...really any cookie dough will do.
94. I love making waffles for my kids.
95. I wish I was an excellent organizer.
96. I love talking on the phone.
97. I love to see Ellie smile when she first wakes up.
98. I love a hot shower.
99. I love the relationship that Todd and I have. We can really have a good time.
100. I can't wait to walk along the beach with a gorgeous sunset alone with Todd. Is that too much info:)?? It's true.

This was really fun to do and so fun to read about others. Thanks for the idea!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Goodbye to 2006....Hello 2007!!!!

2006 was quite a year!! Big changes were brought about for me and my children. It will be one year ago on the 21st that we made our move up to the Central Coast....Arroyo Grande/San Luis Obispo. I wasn't sure if I was going to last 2 months but here we are 12 months later and really enjoying our quaint area. I love the weather and being close to the beach. It is such a beautiful site every time I drive the freeway.

Highlights of 2006..........
We moved, we welcomed a new baby girl, Ellie Jayne, into our home in July, Casey started Kindergarten, Emily was potty trained (ahhhh that is such an accomplishment when a child is potty trained), I went to Women's Conference with my mom and all of my sisters(the best), Casey learned to ride his bike without training wheels, Emily became one of the boys(in her abilities), Casey picked up reading rather quickly, Todd was put into the bishopric, I started my own business with Arbonne, Ellie got her first tooth, Mitty lost his first tooth, and we are all healthy and happy. I am so blessed to have a happy family. I have a wonderful husband who loves his family and honors his priesthood. He is such a good example to me and our children. I couldn't ask for anymore.

The year flew and I am really looking forward to what 2007 has to offer...this is what I know so far....

Emily will join Primary as a new Sunbeam (how cute), Mitch will turn 8, be baptized and join the scout program, Ellie will turn 1(no more formula...that is a milestone), I think a trip to Hawaii is in the works, Casey will start first grade(boys in school all day), hopefully Women's Conference again(I've got to make that work:), and hopefully we all stay happy and healthy.

I have thought about my goals for this year and have really tried to focus on goals that will make a positive change in my life as well as those in my family and others.


-Read the Book of Mormon with my children again.
-Be a better visiting teacher
-Be full of patience with my little ones and Todd
-Have personal prayer every day...whether it means in my kitchen, bathroom, car, my bed, kids beds, etc.
-Work on Emergency preparedness and building that up
-Read/Finish the book I have just started....The Mother's of the Prophets
-Have a Christlike attitude in all that I do.
-Be the best mom that I can be!
-Eat right and stick to my points!
-Don't stress about things that don't matter.

I do hope I can look back at 2007 and see that I accomplished my goals or at least have created better habits toward achieving them.

Happy New Year!