Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm so happy it is Friday. I get a break from swim lessons over the weekend. We are really enjoying them but every morning seems to be a lot of work. Making sure they get a good breakfast and then a decent snack before they go. Mitch has told me this week a few times that after the lesson he is just exhausted or his legs feel like jell-o. I think it is good for the kids. I want them to have some energy food before they go. Making sure every child has been lathered in sunscreen and then packing up stuff for Ellie to be entertained with and food/snacks for her makes for a busy morning!! I'm so happy the kids are enjoying them as much as they are. They each look forward to them every day. Ahhhh!! That makes it easy for me. They really are improving quickly. I'm very proud of them!

This week has just been busy and full of schedules every day. It's fun but I'm glad the weekend is here and I then I will have another referee at home...Todd. That is what we are at this point in raising children. I'm not sure we will ever lose that title.
Sometimes it sure doesn't feel like it. I'm sure summer doesn't help with everyone right under the next one all day.

I had my CT/IVP test yesterday. I was a bit nervous yesterday morning but by the time I went at 4:30 I wasn't nervous at all until I saw the tech. Oh my goodness. He was the biggest perv and the smell of alcohol was definitely present. It was bothersome to say the least. He told me that the girl prior to me was crying and just terrified of the whole thing. I know why pal....she was terrified of you. He was sick. His choice of comments were just not professional. I am calling the hospital to let them know about this guy. Don't the other people he works with smell him. It just wasn't professional and anyone in the medical field performing tests should not have alcohol on their breath. That is just my opinion. It was a process of about 45 minutes. He was able to see at least one kidney stone in each kidney but said that shouldn't be causing the blood in your urine because they are just sitting in there. He didn't notice anything moving down (kidney stone). Who knows what he saw with the amount of alcohol he had. Oh well, my dr. will get the results today and hopefully I will be getting a call. If not, I will be calling this afternoon. It was very interesting how it all works. He then took x-rays after he injected the dye. It's pretty cool.

Today, I think I will take the kids to the library to check out some books. With 3 kids checking out books, I will need a cart to carry them all out. I'm crossing my fingers that they behave and not get any wild hairs in them to show off or be disobedient.

I'm feeling sleepy again and it's only 9:25. Not a good sign. I even had more sleep last night. I was able to sleep in until
5:45. 45 minutes makes a big difference. I love Friday's for that reason too. Todd doesn't have to be to work until 8:00 on Fridays. He went in early today so I was up earlier than normal on a Friday. It feels good to be up early and getting things crossed off of my list. The weather has been just beautiful up here. Nice and sunny from the moment I wake up. I love to feel the warmth of the sun on a summer day. Of course it isn't too hot here.....ever.

I'm off to get myself some breakfast and to finish packing up the stuff for swim lessons. Ellie is tired and needing a nap and the kids need some encouragement to finish their morning chores. It feels very tiring already today to keep up with them. Wish me luck!! Have a great Friday and weekend!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sleepy Wednesday

The week is almost half way over. We have had 2 days, almost 3 of swim lessons, visiting teaching appt., missionaries for dinner, trip to Target, trip to the grocery store, and today is dinner for a friend and the library this afternoon with the kids. I bought some cute bathing suits for the girls at Target yesterday. They were like $6. Of course, they were matching. I can get bad about stuff like that. I think it is too cute to have them wearing the same thing. I was able to get some cute shots of them.

I appreciate everyone's concerns in regards to my back. My back was much better yesterday and today it is doing fine. I think it is a nerve thing. On Monday, I had some pains going down into the back of my thigh. More than anything, it's irritating and frustrating to not have a normal functioning back. It doesn't seem to bother me while working out. I couldn't walk my fast pace on Monday so ended up doing the elliptical machine and wasn't bothered a bit. I may never know what it is...back spasms?? I just hope they bury themselves far away very soon. :D

The other medical issue that has gone along with this whole back thing is that the dr. has found blood in my urine the last 2 or 3 tests that I have taken since June 2nd. That is why I am having a CT/IVP test tomorrow. I'm hopeful that they will be able to see what the problem is. The dr. has mentioned to me that she thinks it may be a small kidney stone but there is no telling until tomorrow's test. That's the latest on the medical front with me. I'm hoping all issues will come to a close very soon. I guess I'm prepared for any news at this point...good or bad. I just want to know!

It's only 8:40 and I am exhausted. I was up at 5:15 getting ready to workout. I think it is too many nights not going to bed early enough. Or maybe that the kids have been getting up early and I am on call all day long. I asked Todd "when does my summer vacation start." I heard someone say the answer to that question at the pool yesterday.... when the kids go back to school. There is a little truth to that. I am enjoying not having to keep a school schedule right now. It's nice to not be rushing the kids in the morning.

I went visiting teaching yesterday and it was really nice. The message was great. Here is a quote from President James E. Faust.....

"I commend each of you for your day-to-day works of righteousness. Even though your works may be known to only a few, they are recorded in the Lamb's book of life, which one day will be opened to witness of your dedicated service, devotion, and deeds as 'instruments in the hands of God to bring about this great work'

I really enjoyed reading the message and this quote. I always feel so good after visiting teaching. I always wonder then why do I let a month or two go by without seeing my sisters. I guess it is the million things that go on here on a daily basis that keep my head foggy. I do love visiting teaching and completely believe in it. I have recommitted myself to being a better visiting teacher.

I hope I can feel more energy as the day goes on. My eyes are burning and red. Some serious shut eye would be good about now.

Monday, June 25, 2007

SPT-"Just Me"

spt posts have been pretty light these past few weeks. summer schedules are so much more hectic, aren't they? whatever happened those "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer?" i've got the crazy ones covered!! i sure could use some of the lazy, hazy ones...

so this week, no challenge, no props, no tours of your hometown. just you!!

SPT is Tuesday's but I won't have time to do it tomorrow so here it is Monday night......

Here is a picture of "just me". There is no challenge this week. I am kind of missing the "challenge" part of it. Oh well. Here is a picture of me tonight after a workout. Not too beautiful but it's what I look like at the end of the day. I have to explain the the little brown dot on my face next to my mouth. Yep, it's brownie batter. Oooohhhhh, it was so good. I was very good and only had one taste. Now that is what I call dedication. Anyone who knows me well knows that I don't just take one taste of any dough, brownie batter, etc. I made them tonight so that my dessert was taken care of for the missionaries tomorrow. I have a lot going on tomorrow so the more I can do the day before the better. I am doing brownie sundaes. Who doesn't enjoy that with hot fudge, ice cream, caramel topping, whipped cream and even cherries? The kids will be so excited.

Here are a few things about me right now....

I am tired tonight

I love working out/sweating a ton

I love to eat really makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

I love watching my kids get so excited about swim lessons. (By the way, they did awesome today). Emily didn't want to do all of the little games but I'm bribing her tomorrow with an ice cream cone after if she plays the games and at least tries.

I love helping those in need...I am feeding the missionaries tomorrow night and taking dinner to a friend at church on Wednesday whose husband is out of town for 3 weeks. She has 3 kids.

I love to be fully stocked in the frige of everything and then some.

I miss hanging out with my sisters.

I am looking forward to more vacations this summer. :D

I love teaching my children new things.

So many questions from the kids throughout the day can put me over the top.

I love the warmer weather here. 74-77 degrees. It feels perfect during the day!!

I love that my house is smelling like brownies right now. :D

I am happy that I set up visiting teaching after not doing it for 2 months.

I am very anxious to see what the CT/IVP test that I'm having this week tells the dr.

I better hit the sack....5:10am comes mighty early. I just looked at the clock. YIKES!

My Back is Acting Up Again.....UGH!!!!

Sunday was a nice day since Todd was home all morning. It was so nice driving the truck that was vacuumend out. I can't believe how much that does for me. It really does feel good. I guess it's the same feeling when your house is clean. Anyway, we made it to church and all was well. Well, I realized me and Ellie hadn't been to church for the whole month of June. It was an eye opener with Ellie. She is getting older and Sacrament meeting seems to be getting longer :D. She was a bit restless and her voice was letting the whole congregation know it. I stood in the back for about 5 minutes with her until it was over and then I went to sit down and I could feel something a little funny in my back. No big deal, I have been feeling something funny for weeks now. A few minutes later I was out in the foyer sitting down and as I got up to walk, the pain kicked in. Oh boy, not at church. I was limping and could not put weight down on my left foot. The left side of my back was getting bad. It felt like a major kink. It was on the verge of disaster for me. It took me back to the first of all of this mess and it's scaring me. I couldn't walk holding Ellie and so I pretty much sat in the foyer. She did go to sleep for me so that wasn't bad but my back was hurting. I had to call Todd on his cell phone to come and get the baby because I couldn't get up to go to the bathroom while holding her. I sure hope we can figure this whole pain thing out. I do have a lot of sympathy for others with back problems.

Once we got home, I was having to make sure that I didn't turn or bend the wrong way. It feels like at any moment I could be down. I hate this!! I want to move around freely as I was. This is a bummer for sure.

Today is swim lessons and the kids are excited. They have been in their swim suits since they got up with goggles on their head. I sure hope they will cooperate and perform in their classes. I'm excited to watch. I better go get myself ready for the day while Ellie is down for a nap. The kids helped me clean, put away laundry and sort clothes this morning. I love to have beds made and clothes folded/put away first thing. They are really good helpers. I appreciate their help!! Casey now changes his sheets by himself. It's a beautiful thing!! I'm off for the day. Hopefully, I will have some better posts to come. These all seem so boring to me. Oh well, life can be that way at times.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nothing Too Exciting Going On....

It hasn't been too exciting around here so I don't feel like I have much to write that is interesting. I guess I need to write about times like this too.

I can't believe we are at the end of June already...where does the time go. I swear days are going by faster and faster.

Friday morning I had another dr. appt to see if we can figure out what is wrong. It looks like I am going to have a CT/IVP test done. I am hoping for that this week sometime. The dr. thinks there may be a small kidney stone but nothing seems to be happening with that. Let's hope they will be able to see what the problem is by doing this test. If not, she is sending me to a Urologist. My back still bothers me. That is really getting old. At this point, it doesn't feel like that will ever go away. It's been 3 weeks. Enough medical problem talk.....

Todd had Friday off so he was able to watch the kids while I went to the dr. Subway is right next door to the dr and so we got sandwiches. I will only eat where I know the points :D. Call me crazy but that is the only way for me to keep the weight off. Later that afternoon, we hit Costco. I don't know why we all had to go but we did and it was a family outing for sure. We were there for so long. Friday night we ate dinner at home and then Todd went out and got YC (our favorite yogurt place) for dessert. We love that place!!

Saturday morning I worked out and Todd vacuumend out both cars and washed/waxed them too. Very nice. It felt so good to get in and drive a clean car. He cleaned out all of the cupholders/pockets, nooks and cranny's, etc. You know how it can get after a vacation with kids. I was very happy and thankful that he did that. I cleaned around the house, washed clothes and then made a trip to Wal-Mart with Casey and Emily. They love to go to the store. It's pretty funny. Todd made salsa yesterday too. Oh it's so good!!! I made a wonderful burrito. Marilyn if you are reading, you would be so proud :D. I heated up black beans with chopped up red bell peppers and onions, added a little cumin, salt and pepper to taste. I loaded the tortilla with 1/2 c. black bean mixture, lots of lettuce, little jack cheese, Cholula hot sauce (thanks Jim), maybe a tsp. of sour cream, and Todd's salsa. It was a knock out. We really get into our food around here. It was loaded and was only 4.5 or 5 points. That's pretty good for a dinner. I guess that was for any fellow WW followers :D. My life is all about numbers/points. I realized it has been 10 years that I have been living a WW life. Kind of crazy but it works. For me, it's the only way.

Today is a calm morning around nice. Todd doesn't have meetings this morning so we have him here with us..YEAH!! I better be off to making some breakfast for me and the kids. Emily just made her cereal all by herself. She is pretty careful and can do just about anything.

Starting tomorrow and for the next two weeks are swim lessons everyday. Wish me luck. I am so hoping that the kids will cooperate and really learn something. I was able to get all 3 kids in at the same time so that is nice for me. I'm off to hopefully enjoy a calm Sunday. Who am I kidding??!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Fun Vacation To Spend Time With Family :D

Last Friday morning me and the kids packed the car and headed down south. I was planning to be down for about a week. Todd's brother, Garrett, and his family were down and so we made a stop in Orange for a few days to visit with them before they went home to Utah. The weekend was full of festivities. Here it goes......the play by play for the trip. I left my house about 10:30 on Friday morning and got into Orange around 2:30. The traffic was killer through LA. I don't miss traffic one bit! The kids slept in shifts which worked out just fine. We made our stop at Del Taco, of course, as we drove into Orange and ate lunch at Grandma Carol's house. Me and the kids then made a visit over to my brother Mike's house. I hadn't seen his place or him since Thanksgiving so we were anxious to see him. What a great visit. I love his place and it was so comfortable to be there. We had a good time. The kids loved checking out all of his fishing poles, wearing his work boots and just talking with him on the couch. He entertains them wonderfully. They love to be around him. I am so proud of Mike and was so happy to see him happy. Mike, if you are reading....thanks for a fun time and for all of the visits we made to your house over the last week. Casey said, "Mom, did we go to Mike's 3 times?" The kids kept track of whose house we went to and how many times.

We then made our way over to Grandma Carol's to visit with Garrett and his family. The kids played baseball with him out in the cul-de-sac and had a great time. We hung out there and had tacos for dinner with them and then made our way to my sister, Barbie's house, to stay the weekend. The kids were tired and it showed. We set up camp after she made them cinnamon/sugar toast and chocolate milk. They had no energy to keep there eyes open....they were out the minute they hit the sheets. Todd then rolled into town around 11pm. He had to wait until after work to come down. He only stayed the weekend. After a little Game Cube/Mario Kart we went to bed.

Saturday morning my mom and dad came down to Barbie's and we got together for lunch. Grammy joined us so that I could see her and she could see the kids. She just had a birthday and turned 86. I can't believe my Grammy is 86 years old. It was sad to realize that she is really aging and quickly. My brother's joined us on there way back from fishing and so it was fun to see Danny too. He and Casey sat next to each other and wow...the similarities. Casey could be his son. It's funny how kids can look like the parents siblings.

Saturday afternoon we were having an entire family get together for Father's Day. It was such a nice day. The weather was great in Seal Beach! The kids played on the equipment, on Mike's boat, played frisbee with my brothers, Austin and Grandma. My mom served watermelon and cake and we had a blast. It was nice that Grammy was able to be with her grandchildren and great grandchildren for the afternoon. It doesn't happen often. Here is a picture of me with my parents and siblings. It's funny how when we are all together 6 kids doesn't seem like a lot now that we are grown. When we were little it was a different story. I love my family and am so happy I have the parents and siblings that I do.

Sunday, we spent the day with Todd's family. Carol was having brunch at her house. I think we had a group of 21 or so there at her house. It was a house full!! :D The kids had fun spending time with cousins and great cousins. Garrett's daughter, Gina, has 3 kids (12, 9, and 7). They played in the spa, baseball, and had fun together. That night I headed out to Marilyn's house (my other sister). She lives in Murrieta and we had a great time. Her house is huge so the kids have many places to play and many things to do. The kids went from video games, to the trampoline, to air hockey, to watching a movie, to swimming in the pool. It was a lot of fun and it made me miss living so close to her. We lived 4 miles away before I moved up here. It would be so fun to live in the same neighborhood. She has a great neighborhood. Marilyn had me go and do her "short" walk..2.6 miles (half of that is all up hill). It was a good workout! We ate just how she does to lose weight. (She just recently lost 30 lbs. doing WW) It was great...she knows just how to shed the pounds. I lost 3 lbs on my vacation. I was so excited that I went out yesterday and bought all of the "right" food to have. Thanks Marilyn!!

My entire family including parents, siblings and their children all went to an Angel game while I was down. It was so much fun to be there all together. I think there was 25 of us. Too bad they lost but we had fun being there together. The kids had a blast. Emily wasn't so sure of all of the noise but Mike was able to ease her into it. She sat right on his lap and was doing the wave before we knew it. It was so much fun. Here are the boys enjoying their time at the game.

I left Marilyn's on Wednesday morning and spent the day with Barbie and my mom in Seal Beach. The kids played in the pool and we just hung out before I took off that night. Barbie made a great dinner and dessert. Thanks lady! It's always sad to go and leave all of the fun behind.

Yesterday I was able to get up and empty all suitcases, wash clothes and clean bathrooms. I love to get everything back to our normal routine after a trip.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Better Day...Ellie's 11 month b'day/A Beach Day

I knew that I was taking the kids to the beach today no matter what. It turned out to be another sunny day so I was happy. It took me about 2 hours to get everything ready to leave but I started early so we were out of here at 10:30. We had done so many chores yesterday there wasn't much to do this morning. Everyone made their beds and Casey was so excited to sort laundry. He told me he knows how to sort because he would do that at school all of the time. Go for it Caser. He did an excellent job and we got a load in before we left. I made sandwiches to take with us and grabbed gogurts, cheese sticks, saltines, wheat thins, yogurt covered raisins, and turkey. I wanted to be covered with everyone's requests once we got settled on the sand. It worked out great for me to bring a bottle of gatorade with 4 cups. It was pretty much gone by the time we left.

We got there at 11:15 after stopping by the doctors office. Ellie was so overdue for a nap so it was perfect timing for her to lay down on a blanket in the shade and take a nap. So I thought. She fell asleep by me rocking her but once I laid her down she was up on all fours crying and refusing to lay down. That happened twice and then I gave it up. She did not go to sleep until 3:05 when we got back into the car. That little dickens. She wasn't bad but she kept me on my toes every two seconds. She stays on the blanket which was nice but was getting into every bag and pulling everything out. She pretty much stood and held onto the chair I was sitting in for a lot of the time. If I picked her up she wanted down so I left her where she was happy. The kids had fun in the water and digging up sand crabs. I hate to say that I forgot my camera. That was Ellie's first trip to the beach. Dang!! And she is 11 months old today.

Ellie is so fun and so cute. She claps when we say "yeah" and when we say hi she puts her hand right up to her ear. Does that mean the phone? She will get a hold of my phone and put it right up to her ear. It is funny. She just giggles as she watches her brothers and sister play around. Especially if they are outside and she is at the glass door watching. It's such a cute little giggle. She is into all bags that may be left at her level or on a chair. She will pull them down and take them apart. There really isn't anything that she won't get into. She motors around. She loves Special K cereal with berries and then I cut up bananas in it with milk. She will go "mmmmmm" after eating bites of it. It is pretty good....I love it. It's fun to see her growing up. Before I know it, she will be running around with the others. She has 8 teeth....4 of those have just come through and we can see little bits of them. too cute. She is a really good baby. I would say she is mellow, happy and content. She goes to bed well at naptime and bedtime. Never wakes in the night. If she does, we don't know it. She doesn't make a sound. She never cries when she wakes up. I love that. I think it is so cute to see the baby just playing around in the bed or sitting up when I walk in. She is probably the easiest baby out of the 4 kids. It's nice to have that at the end. :D

This was Ellie and Emily out in the backyard last week.

I wasn't successful on getting up at 5:30 this morning so I went tonight. I am aiming for in the morning tomorrow. Wish me luck. It just came around too early and I probably needed the sleep. I am so thankful to be feeling better.

I noticed the kids were more mellow once we got home from the beach. They showered and watched a movie and quietly worked on making faces with playdoh. The faces were really cute. I took pictures but haven't put them on the computer. It was a nice evening. The key is getting them out for many hours during the day. I was much more calm today! It felt better.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm Not Cut Out For Summer With 4 Kids Home All Day

Oh boy!! Where do I begin?? I don't really want to go back and recap a hardddddd day. I feel bad for how hard I was on the kids over things that really don't matter. I say that now because they are asleep. Does anyone else ever feel the guilt at night once the kids are asleep and you can have some peace? It was really hard for me today to deal with all of the petty.."he did this and she did that and he did this and she won't stop looking at me and he is mean and they won't play with me, etc." You get the picture. All of that was going on before 10am. I was not a happy camper.

I did many loads of laundry today (7) and still have a few left to do. I made lists for the kids and they were really good about getting them done. In total Mitty fashion...he found a clipboard and put his list on it with a pencil and went around doing the chores and checking them off. He is so good about stuff like that. It took a little more coaching for Casey but he did come through and finish up. Emily gets right to work and has all of the trash cans emptied into the main trash before I even know it. She is a good worker too. Mitch cleaned the bathroom and did a wonderful job. Casey changed his sheets and made his bed. I really do have good kids. I feel blessed. We did make it through the day. I'm not sure how but it's over and I am hoping for a better day tomorrow. I am taking them to the beach. The beach is probably going to be my best friend this summer. I'm thinking at least 3 times a week. It's really too hard to be home all day.

I did get the kids all signed up for swim lessons this morning. They are excited about it. A bunch of friends and people from the school attend the sessions that are offered at the high school each summer. I was lucky to get them all in the same session at the same time. Lucky me!! It was $70./per child for 10/1 hour lessons. I think that is pretty good. I couldn't find it any cheaper. The high school just put in a new pool so it is really nice over there. I'm happy with my decision. We'll see if we need to further the lessons with Casey to get him really swimming before our trip. We are going to Hawaii at the end of August and I want that boy to really enjoy the pool and feel comfortable. I want Emily comfortable in the water as well. I don't worry so much about her. She will do great in the lessons. Those start in 2 weeks.

I did workout tonight. It felt so dang good to get back to moving in the gym. Nothing bothered my back and if it did I wouldn't do it. I guess that means I'm back on the 5:30am schedule. We'll see what happens in the morning :D. I really do need some morning time before the kids wake up. I find that to be key for me in my situation.

I am off to bed and ready to start a new day. I need to be more patient, understanding, gentle, kind and more loving with the kids during the day. I really do need to pick my battles. I need to play more with them and magically clean the house in the wee hours. I am setting a goal to do better. Maybe the problem is me. If I lighten up and just go with the flow of what kids do it will be much easier for me. I seem to look at everything and see all of the more work that I'm going to have to do when they get into things or are throwing mud everywhere, getting every change of clothes soaked in the hose. I think Emily went through 3 different sets of clothes because she would go back outside and get them wet again. I'm just seeing how much more laundry I'm going to be doing. Mitch changed shirts about 3 or 4 times also. STOP THE INSANITY around here. Today was a bit brutal but I hope to wake up on a better side tomorrow. I love my kids and don't want them to remember me by being on them for every last thing. We did end the night on a good note...we all went and had frozen yogurt together and then had a short family night lesson. rushing this morning!

Today is officially the kids first day of summer. What will the day bring for me?? Well, I missed the sign ups for swimming lessons so I am going down there at 10:00 to see if I can sign these kids up. Hopefully, there will be some room for me to squeeze in at some point during the summer.

I need some feedback on whether or not this sounds like a good deal..24 consectutive swim lessons, 5 free passes for recreational swimming, and a gold medal for $348.00. I think the class has 3 kids in it. I'm not the swim lesson pro so I'm not sure if it's a good deal. It seems to be since each lesson would be around $14.50 for an hour lesson.

This weekend was nice and somewhat relaxing. Saturday we had closing ceremonies where the boys received their trophys. Todd won a gift certificate to a restaurant. I was hoping we would win the $50 gift certificate to the day spa. AHHHH, now we're talking. After the ceremony, we headed to Casey's team party which was a BBQ at the park. Very fun and the kids got to play on the playground with the other boys. It was kind of sad to hear some of the parents saying as they left, "we'll see you around this summer." It was so final. I really enjoyed the boys games and the parents that we met this year. I was sad to see baseball go. I loved Casey's coaches....they really couldn't have been any better. That makes such a difference.

As that party ended, we then went to Taco Loco to engage in Mitty's team party. The food is always good there and the company was fun. It was fun to get to actually talk with the coaches as friends rather than as "the coach". They are really nice people. Mitch was in the same class as two of the other boys which was really nice. They all made it known that they want play dates this summer. I was happy to see that it was with such nice boys.

We then enjoyed the rest of the day at home. Sunday was really nice. My visiting teacher drove my kids to church and sat with them while I rested here at home. Since we are so far away from our stake center where we meet and Todd can't drive back and get them, she was willing to do it. She is older and doesn't have any young children anymore so it was perfect. Thank you Carolyn!! I haven't been without children for 4 hours in I don't know how long. It was a much needed rest. I kept Ellie but she is good and took a 2 hour nap during that time. I went through some of my closets and straightened them up and tidied up the bathrooms. I prepped them for todays cleaning. I have this feeling to get everything cleaned....really scoured up. Summer is starting and we need to start out fresh and clean. I need to use Amie's idea of making lists for my kids. I think it's a great have the kids finish the lists before we can go do anything each day. I will post them up in each child's room as a checklist. Thanks Amie. My headache last night came on so strong I could hardly bear it. It was throbbing over my right eye. Sleep took care of that since it was gone this morning. :D

As for my back......I'm not sure what it is. Todd really thinks it's a pulled muscle or strain. Only because when I take the muscle relaxer I feel like I can bend any which way. It will be interesting to hear what the dr. says about the culture. These mysteries just kill me. I'm not worried about anything....I just want my back back!! I'm dying to get back to working out. It really is killing me. I think I will try to get up tomorrow morning and get back into my routine. A week off is setting me back, hahaha.

I'm off to clean, probably put out a few fires today, try to sign up the kids for swim lessons, and get to Costco for a few items. Have a good week!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Much Improvement/ Kid's Last Day of School

AHHHHH! I am actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I went to the dr. yesterday and after a few prescriptions and a good nights rest, I am feeling much better today. It is looking like it was a kidney infection. I will know for sure on Monday or Tuesday. The dr. gave me medication to treat a kidney infection just in case and magically my back is tons better today. I don't think it is just coincidence. The joy that I have felt to move around better is just amazing. Be grateful for all that our bodies can do while we are well :D. I could actually lean over and change Ellie's diaper for the first time in a week. I am so thankful for medicine.....what would I do without it. I would have never thought it to be a kidney infection. Anyway, I am anxious to see if that is really what was wrong. I am happy to post that I'm moving about a hundred times better than yesterday.

Here is Mitty with his teacher today. He had to have a picture with her. He made her a card last night and cut out a ton of hearts to put in it so that when she opened it up they would all fall out. So cute. He loves his teacher. He has told me a few times that he is really sad that she won't be his teacher again and that he won't get to see her everyday. Saying hi to her at recess apparently isn't enough for this boy. He told me that he gave her 3 hugs. He wanted me to make cookies for her so we did and he wrote on the bag "I love you Mrs. Pierce". She was/is a great teacher and Casey is hoping to get her next year. Oh that was the other thing Mitty wrote in his card..."I really hope my brother gets to be in your class next year"....they are so cute. He is excited for summer and the trips that we will be making.

Here is Casey with his teacher. Casey was determined to get a picture of him with Ms. Mueller so that Todd could put it on his ipod. Too funny. Casey wanted me to make cookies for his teacher and so we did and he made a card. His card was so cute. He wrote ...Ms. Mueller I love you. These cookies are going to be really good. Love Casey Me made heart cut outs and taped it all up in an envelope. These boys really love their teachers...more like have crushes on their teachers. :D

Casey was able to eat lunch in the cafeteria this week like a big first grader and even play on the big kids playground. He was very excited to do all of these big kid things. He asked me if he is going to be in first grade tomorrow. He's dying to go to school in the morning like Mitty. And he loves to walk up with they can. Finally!

Todd was off today so he picked the boys up from school and let them pick what they wanted to get for lunch in celebration of the last day of school. The kids picked Jack in the Box. I set up a big beach blanket and towels, chairs and toys for us all to have a picnic in the backyard and get some sun. I have enjoyed the beautiful weather for the last three days. Being out of commission, I have not felt guilty in just laying out getting some color. It's been pretty nice. The kids ate and then put on their swim suits and played in the water. It was a nice day here at home.

Tomorrow is closing ceremonies for baseball and then they each have a team party that we will attend. The boys are excited! Hopefully, the weather stays nice and sunny :D.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's not getting better around here.....

Talk about a nightmare!! Yesterday, my back was pretty bad. I was hobbling around and not able to move too quickly. For some reason, I had walked into our little playroom/sunroom and a big black something or other caught my eye. To my surprise, it was a huge black widow hanging out in its web next to where the kids toy boxes are stacked up. I just about freaked!! Ellie had just been in there playing with toys not 30 minutes before. I was in no condition to fight this thing and make sure it was dead. I called Todd and he had a guy in our ward come over and get it for me. I sat there staring at the darn thing until he got there. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. He came and killed it....I saw it dead with my own eyes. Phew!! I thought of all times why when I can barely move do we have such a deadly spider to deal with.

Today I woke up and the weather was just beautiful! IT was bright, with clear blue skies and a slight breeze. Gorgeous!! Since my back was horrible today as well, I figured if I can't do anything inside I'd might as well get some rays outside. That is exactly what I did after I took Casey to school. It was perfect...Ellie won't crawl off of a blanket because she doesn't like the feel of the grass on her hands. I set her up with a ton of toys and her sun hat on and she was good to go. Emily rode her bike around and hammed it up a bit. I layed there and enjoyed not doing a thing. Too bad my back was/is killing me. It is not getting better and I'm not sure what to think about it. There are times throughout the day that it is almost unbearable. Other times I just have to walk so carefully not to trigger something. How long can this go on?? I am going to the dr. tomorrow to hear who knows what..."stay off of your back." On top of this I have lost my voice and am dealing with a headache now for the 3rd day. You would think with all of the advil and tylenol I am taking it would go away. Let's hope for a miracle tomorrow. I have been able to rig up the umbrella stroller to push Ellie to the car and back into the house every time I have to take kids to school. I literally can't carry her around at all. Thank goodness the boys are able to get her out when they are with me. Only 1 1/2 days left and then we are done with the crazy drive back & forth to the school schedule.

I'm off to catch some shut eye :D

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

SPT "Favorite Color"/Does it have to get worse before it gets better??


I have to say that right now my favorite color is pink. It definitely has to be the right shade. Maybe because it's summer and the pinks are so fun, festive and refreshing to me. I have noticed how much I am attracted to pinks once I get into a store. Pink seems to go well with my blue eyes and light hair. It is just a soft look that I tend to love. I love these pink flip flops in the picture above. They are from my favorite store....Target. I love the shade and they are comfortable too. I live in them. I don't decorate anything in my house with pink. I find in my house that I love black accents in frames, shelves, and furniture.

Now a back was awful. It was worse than the first day. I wasn't sure I was going to make it to pick up the kids from school. I was crawling to the car pretty much. I then sat down at the door to the garage and said a little prayer to help me make it to the car carrying Ellie. I was in tears but felt that desperate. I made it eventhough the pain was so great. I called the dr. and he said to pop 4 advil every 6 hours with 2 Tylenol in between. I made an appt. for Thursday but am hopeful I won't have to keep it. It seems to have let up some this evening and I am more able to move around. AHHHHH! I was scared this afternoon thinking that it really couldn't get any worse. It was so painful to put any weight on my feet hence me crawling and side stepping everywhere. I am hoping that it will be a 100 times better in the morning. :D

Monday, June 04, 2007

My Back is Killing Me!!

I have no idea what happened but all of a sudden on Saturday my back just went out. It is crazy!! I was crawling on the floor to get around. I need crutches. If I can keep my weight on my arms and off of my back then I am fine. I've had a few spasms hit me that felt like hot knives and stopped me in my tracks. I lifted 2 cases of the water bottles at Costco into the cart on Friday. That is the only thing I can think of that may have contributed to this mess. Then again, I think of the many times I have done that and nothing has happened. I don't have a clue of what to do to make it better. Today was a little better than Sunday. I was walking around hunched over because I couldn't stand straight up. The pressure on my lower back was just too great to bare. Its been hard getting Ellie in and out of her bed. She is pretty good about crawling around and not crying just to be held. I have spent much time on the floor today so that I am at her level and then she just crawls around and plays. She follows where the kids go too.

How much longer will this last?! I am counting on a miracle to take it away overnight. Don't I wish. Does anyone have any tips that might help? Do I put hot or cold compresses on it? I will take any advice. I feel desperate to feel better. Mitch said, "Mom, are you just old?" Pretty much. This whole thing has really made me appreciate how good I feel when I am fine. How much I appreciate my back when it is well. Oh, how I feel for those who have back pain and chronic back problems. I really do have sympathy for those who suffer from back pain of any kind. It's really awful and pretty much affects everything that you do.

One good thing was that I had Emily and the boys helping to pick up the house. It's killing me that I can't just run through the house and quickly pick up. Everything takes so much longer because I have to be so careful to not make it worse.

The boys were so excited to help clear the table and do dishes tonight. I couldn't believe my ears. What child is saying, "Oh yeah, we get to do dishes." All three of us did it together and it was done in no time. They were able to empty the lower rack since I just can't bend over and go up and down. They loaded it and we were done with clean up early. Thanks boys!! I really appreciate all of the help that they do around the house. They probably do more than most kids their age but I refuse to do everything! Emily certainly does. She really picked up the toys and put things away this afternoon for me. She knew just where to put everything. At least I know I can count on my kids to help me out.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Casey's Birthday/Fun Week with Family :D/ Boy's Last Game

I'm not sure I have ever gone this long without posting. It has really been a fun week packed full of activities.

Where do I start.....Last Saturday morning my parents came up and surprised us by getting here at 8:30am. I knew they were coming but didn't know they would get up so early and be up here. It was so much fun. We hit the Strawberry Festival and had a good time together. We watched dog shows, dancers, ate yummy food, had some strawberry shortcake, and best of all was watching Emily participate with the clown show. She was a crack up!! She did the hula hoop up on stage, she did push ups...she pretty much did everything the clown was telling the kids. It was too cute! I was mad that I didn't have my video camera to get her in action. Pictures will be coming of her and other events throughout the week.

Sunday it was nice having my mom and dad to help me with the kids. What a difference that makes during Sacrament meeting. It was nice to come home to a good smelling roast dinner with potatoes and carrots in the oven. It reminded me of when I was little going to dinner at Grandma Stoddart's. She made the best food. The dinner was always complete with homemade lemonade and cake of some kind for dessert. I love to make Sunday dinner feel a little more special. It was great to eat a good Sunday dinner with mom and dad here.

Todd came home from church with a horrible headache and just not feeling right. Little did we know he would then be sick the entire week. That was a bummer!! Thank goodness he was not throwing up. It was the body aches and headache with a fever for a couple of days. The timing was bad but we made the best of it.

Monday, we took the kids to the park while Todd rested in bed. The kids played for 2 hours and enjoyed having grandma and grandpa there to play with them. We then cooked up burgers, shrimp salad, dip/chips, homemade strawberry shortcake, and many other goodies. Mom made a great shrimp salad!! Thanks. It just wouldn't have been the same without onion dip and chips with dad here.

Tuesday dad left as I took Mitty to school. It's always sad to see dad/grandpa leave. It feels like the party is ending and I hate that. He had to get back to work....darn! My mom and I shopped and got things ready for Casey's b'day. I made cupcakes, decorated the house that night after the kids went to bed, and helped my mom get things ready for the treasure hunt at the beach. Casey reminded me that he couldn't wait for his b'day because the house would be decorated with streamers and balloons. Thanks for the reminder. I did the same with Emily and Mitch so I guess it is tradition around here.


Here is what Casey woke up to. He was loving it and asking about his presents the minute he woke up. We went with the Pirates of the Carribean theme since we were having the Treasure hunt. He was in heaven.

Barbie came up on Wednesday morning to visit and be here on Casey's b'day. She got here around 8:30 so she was up early traveling also. It was so fun to have her here with us and helping with all of the days activities. We couldn't have pulled it off without her help. Thanks lady!

Mom/Grandma wrote up clues for the kids to find, made a map for them and really pulled off a fun treasure hunt. We bought material and mom cut it up for the kids to have pirate wear for the hunt. They were in heaven. I think we all were. We all had to wear some pirate garb. Those pictures are coming on a later post. Anyway, after hitting the dollar store and getting everything ready for the treasure hunt it was time to get the kids from school and head down to the beach/park to start the party. The kids were in heaven just heading to the beach. It was really fun and turned out perfect! Thanks mom and Barbie. We then picked up pizzas for dinner and had cupcakes for dessert. Casey loved opening his gifts (more pirate swords, guns, Jack Sparrow, and a remote control backhoe from Grandpa.) Casey thoroughly enjoyed his day and didn't want it to end. I know he will never forget this b'day. It was so full of fun activities for us all to remember!

Thursday we took the kids to the park in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours letting them play. Mom, Barbie and I threw the frisbee around, lounged and enjoyed time together. We spent Friday going from store to store picking up items that Todd was requesting.:D. It was funny. I don't think I have ever gone to that many grocery stores in one day. Todd still wasn't 100% on Friday. Thursday night and Friday night us girls hit YC...the yogurt place. We had fun making up new concoctions of dang tasty stuff.

Friday night we decided to do some hair. Mom had to do her hair and I was just hoping I could get mom to do some highlighting on my hair. We got some tips from Kim, (Todd's sister who does hair), and we were off to the beauty supply with 10 minutes til closing. PHEW!!! WE found just what we needed and then back home to start in. I'll just sum it up....we didn't think the stuff was doing anything to my hair and were almost ready to give it up. We stuck it out and finished to such a nice surprise. It turned out great and I love the color. It blended the colors so well. I just stick with light. I can't be any other color. Been there done that!! I have learned my lesson too many times the hard way. It was successful!! Thanks mom!!!

Today was the last of the boys baseball games. They both had great games. I was able to get video of both of them. Why did I wait until the last game to get some video of them playing. I was only able to get a fuzzy still photo of Mitty. Mitch caught a fly ball to actually get a double play. Casey caught a great throw at first base to get a boy out. Way to go boys!! It's been a fun season. It has been fun to watch them grow during the season.

Mom and Barbie left around lunch time and we already miss them. I had a great week. I was happy that they were here while Todd was sick or else it would have been so boring for me. I hate it when Todd is sick. There aren't any fun jokes or playing going on when he is down. He is doing a hundred times better today. This post is so dang long.....I'm not sure anyone will get this far to actually read this part. This is for my own documentation of my week with fun family times. I love you guys!