Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Busy Tuesday...I'm barely awake

I was up at 5:15 this morning after going to bed last night at 1:00am. I have to keep to my program so I just figure I will go to bed early tonight. It's a bad cycle because I never get to bed early. Anyway, I was able to get some ironing done this morning after I worked out while the house was still asleep. I love that. I spent an hour ironing....which equates to 3 of Todd's shirts, 4 of the boys dress shirts, a pair of pants and a dress of Emily's. It felt so good to see that pile go way down. I still have 2 more shirts and a dress to iron. Not bad. I'm impressed that I stuck with it for an hour and got most of it done.

The crew woke up and wanted pancakes. My kids just love pancakes and can really put it away. :D I packaged up the zucchini bread I made last night for the sisters I visit teach and got those ready for delivery today. This month was so busy with my own family that I left visiting teaching until the last day of the month. I hate when I do that. It was fun visiting with them today. I need to make it more of a priority earlier on in the month. I don't want them to feel that they are last minute. I can only try harder. I can't beat myself up over it. My plate feels pretty full most days.

The kids decided they wanted to make lunches and go eat with dad for lunch. We ran out to the store to get the right ham and rolls for me to make Todd a lunch. He is pretty picky about his lunch meat and bread that you put it on. I have to say though....the food he orders and makes is always delicious. He has good taste in food. Of course, after I made the kids lunches, packed up chips, fruit, drinks,etc. I was rushing at the store to hurry and get out of there so we could make it on time for lunch. Ellie hadn't had a nap so it made it very difficult trying to make sandwiches while she was hanging onto my legs crying to be held. Poor girl. I finally got it all made, packed up into the car and we were off. I picked up Todd and we headed over to the park down the street from his office. We get everything out and onto the grass to find that there are a million bee patches everywhere. I can't relax and eat knowing there are bees just buzzing all around. We ended up throwing down the tailgate and trying to all eat around. It was somewhat of a nightmare...kids were knocking over red powerade drink, spilling their bags of chips, dumping the ice that I brought for Todd's coke, and then dancing around while saying they have to go to the bathroom. Todd is always so calm about these things and I'm just dying inside because I wanted it to be this nice family picnic and it ends up that we are sitting on a blanket on the curb trying to enjoy our lunch. Oh well, life goes on and it's over now. Probably never to happen again :D. We quickly picked up and headed back to his office so the 2 kids could use the bathroom.

Once we got home, I packed up some toys that I won't use anymore and took them to a friend in the ward who has a 4 month old baby. I'm so happy that she can use them and more happy to get them out of our space. After that, I delivered the bread to the sisters I visit teach and then was back home at 4:45 just to start thinking about dinner and the nightime routine. I made dinner and that seemed to last so long. Does it seem that way for everyone else?? The kids got showered up and in jammies and are in bed asleep now. Earlier tonight I layed down on the floor because Emily wanted to lay on my back. She layed down and was hugging me and said, "Can I stay like this for infiniti?" How cute is that. I love her little comments like that. I ended up falling asleep in seconds and the family had a family prayer around me. 4 hours doesn't cut it for me at night. Anyway, I am going to fold and do a couple loads of laundry and hopefully be in bed by 10:00. I hope tomorrow is a bit more mellow.

The kids did a lot of work for me which is so nice. They folded and put away 4 loads of laundry. I love what they can do now that they are older. I have started a new thing....I make the kids work if they are causing trouble or getting into trouble. (thanks Christina...it really works) The timeout thing doesn't phase my kids. They want to sit down in a chair. It helps me out a ton. My kids are good workers. They really will do what I am asking. Some wait for it to be asked a few times but for the most part they get the jobs done. Thanks kids!!! They are a big help to me. Gotta get back to work so that I can be in bed early.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I'M BACK....

It is nice to be back home after a week of traveling around and pretty much living out of our car. It was busy but very fun to be with family.
Thursday started our family reunion by eating lunch at Knott's Country Kitchen. It was really nice and very fun to see family I haven't seen in years. It's hard to believe all of the cousins are so grown up now. I guess that includes me too. Where does the time go?

Friday was a temple trip to the Newport Temple and then a family luau that night. Marilyn, mom and I took 11 kids to the beach while the others went to the temple. It was crazy. Mom saved us.....we couldn't have done it alone. Thanks Mom! We went to Balboa and I loved it there. I hadn't been there for so long. Even when we were living down there, I didn't go there for the beach. Mitch and the cousins loved to get out there on there boogie boards and ride the waves in. I'm glad they were able to have so much fun together. Emily enjoyed digging for sand crabs with grandma. Ellie enjoyed shoveling sand into her mouth. It was crazy. It wasn't just a little bit of sand either. Oh well, what can you do. As we were leaving, the kids showered off and then we were hustling to the car so that we could fight the traffic and make it on time for our luau that night. Casey was walking with his towel around him and had his hands inside of his towel. You know whats coming next. We were almost to the car when I heard the sound of a head hitting the cement. Casey had tripped and landed right on his face. He was screaming, I was carrying Ellie, trying to push a stroller full of stuff and trying to keep an eye on the other two kids. Casey was ok but had scabs on his forehead, nose and chin by the evening. That evening we enjoyed a luau dinner with games at the Newport Beach Stake Center next to the temple. The temple is just beautiful. I miss living so close to a temple. The kids had a blast. Mitch participated in the hula hoop contest and made it to the final round. He is so good....I had no idea. We were laughing so hard because he was like the energizer bunny up on stage just going and going. It was a fun night.

Here is Ellie at the beach....

Saturday was a picnic lunch with games at Irvine Park. It was fun but hot. What is up with the weather down there? I pretty much was sweating every second of the week. The humidity was awful. We left to come home on Saturday night. It is always sad to leave but so nice to come back to cooler weather. It was 74 yesterday with the sun shining. It was beautiful.

Now it's Monday and time to finish the laundry and change bed sheets. It's a day to be home for me for sure. I feel like I've been running all over the place for days. I have! I'm so motivated to clean, clean, clean. I started in the kitchen yesterday and cleaned out drawers and scoured counters. It feels so good knowing the drawers and cupboards are organized.

Here are the kids with the cousins at Rite Aide last week getting double scoops after a hot day at the pool....

This is a picture of my kids with Crosby, their cousin, the weekend before we left. Crosby is Amy's youngest son for those of you who know Amy. They are all about the same color. Pretty funny!

The kids are not being too cooperative for me today so I better close this up and pray that we all make it through the day together. :D

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Having Fun......

Lots has happened since I wrote last. Our visit with Grandma and Poppy and the cousins up at our house came to an end on Saturday when they left. The kids had lots of fun playing and swimming and swimming some more. Donut trips a couple times last week, BBQ and s'mores at the beach, lunch out with the cousins, and a trip to Doc Burnsteins was lots of fun for all of us.

My haircut was so nice...I have to document because it is so rare that I am out by myself. I love my hair girl. She massages my head and neck when I first get there with some oil. It is the best and I tell her that every time. I love to have someone wash my hair. She then put a hot towel on my head for a couple of minutes. It is so relaxing!! I love that I leave there and someone else has washed, blow dried and styled my hair and it looks good. All for $40. It is worth every dime.

Saturday night we were invited to a BBQ at a friends house. We went and that was fun. Once we got back, it was 9:30 and I had to pack us all up to leave for a week the next morning. I had 4 loads of laundry to wash and then get all of the kids stuff organized as well as my own. I got most of it done but had to stop at 1:30am...I was falling asleep folding the laundry. At least I had all of the kids clothes organized and in stacks ready to just be put into a bag/suitcase. My stuff was in a suitcase and for the most part good to go. I got up and got ready and then did all of the last minute stuff that there is always left to do right before you drive off. We left the house at 10:30 and had to drop off Todd's wallet and phone at the church. We were off to Palm Springs. I have to say that the trip went really well. The kids got along great, nobody teasing, no fighting, no crying, etc. I couldn't believe it. I was pleasantly surprised how nice it really was. We made our first stop in Rancho Cucamonga for some lunch and a bathroom stop. Sorry April, you guys were at church when we made our stop. We made it in 3 hours..not bad! We then headed out to the desert where mom was waiting for us. The kids were excited to be there and had fun painting, and swimming, and having grandma make them "flat" pancakes. Monday we went to the movie and to Target to stay cool. We saw Meet the Robinson's. The best part about it was we paid $.50/per person. You can't beat that. IT was a bit long for Emily. Ellie had a hard time falling asleep because it was so stinkin loud. I hate that. It ended up being fun and the kids had a good time.

Monday evening we traveled on back to Marilyn's house in Murrieta. It is so fun to just hang out all day with her and the kids. There is tons of space for the kids to play and ride bikes and just do their thing. They love to be with their cousins. I sure hope they will remember all of these fun trips to see cousins and grandparents. The kids play so hard all day long that once it's bed time they crash. It's wonderful! THey all get along so well.

I have been keeping up my walks every day early in the morning to enjoy the cool weather. It's nice to be out at 6:15 feeling the cool air when the afternoon's are pretty hot. It hasn't been too bad. There is a nice breeze that blows through in the afternoon that makes it so pleasant. Every time I come to visit it just makes me wish I was in the house down the street or around the corner. Marilyn has such nice neighbors and so many people in her ward are right here in her neighborhood/street. I long for a neighborhood like this. Everyone seems so friendly and there are lots of kids to play with. It's something I hope to have someday soon.

Yesterday, we took the kids to the pool for a few hours and then to Rite Aide for double scoops...thanks Marilyn!! I picked up Little Caesars pizza and we were set for dinner. I am watching Cooper and he is up so I will report more happenings later.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's Almost Friday.....

We have had a fun time this week having Grandma and Poppy and some cousins up here. No pics to show for it yet. I'm so bad about the camera. If only I had another 3 arms, I could probably manage some pics. That is how I feel most of the time. Crosby, our 9 year old cousin has been staying the night last night and tonight and probably tomorrow night. The boys are really having a great time together. I'm happy because they don't get to see each other that often anymore. They all have been living in the pool. A pool is my absolute summer life saver. My kids are total fish. Emily has just blown me away. That girl has no fear and is doing big cannon balls into the pool and swimming to the side. She is amazing and just so grown up about it all. Whatever those boys can do....so can she. She lives under the water doing somersaults and going to the bottom with Casey. She swims across the jacuzzi that is 3 ft. deep so she can touch. She does her arms and legs and gets herself across. It's amazing how great she is doing. I'm so proud of all of them. I finally feel comfortable at the pool with all 3 in the water without me. It's a nice feeling. Every day they ask, "are we going swimming tomorrow?" It has helped that we go to Grandma's hotel pool after swim lessons to be there until dinner time. The kids are just doing so great.

The swimming lessons schedule is really wearing me down. We are constantly going, going and going. Ellie is totally at that stage where she is crawling everywhere and into anything. We just say..."oh she is so precious and pecial". I think that is what you say with your last baby. Anything is cute and precious. I can handle a lot more now than I could with my first that is for sure. I encourage her to make noise with measuring spoons, spatulas, bowls, measuring cups, etc. What it means is that she is playing happily and I can put stuff together without her ramming her head into the back of my calf wanting to be held. It is pretty cute.

Todd is off tomorrow so we have plans for a fun day with family. I am working out bright and early, then the grocery store, then I think we'll hit the trail for the kids to ride bikes and Todd and Kenzie to get in a good run, then it's swim lessons from 11-1, then the pool at the hotel, and then a cook off at the beach with hot dogs and s'mores with all of the kids and Grandma and Poppy. The kids are just dying to show Todd how well they are swimming. (The dogs want to show their owner all of their new tricks :D) Todd will be so amazed to watch Emily do what she does. She is a character. I will take pics tomorrow and post. Anyway, I feel so tired tonight. It's been a busy week or should I say month. Being in the hot sun every day for hours isn't helping.

I will be getting my haircut on Saturday and then packing to leave on Sunday for my trip down south again. Never a dull moment or down day around this place. I guess the whole month of August will hopefully be somewhat mellow. No major plans except for our Hawaii trip at the end of August. That will be so needed right before school starts again.

Have a great weekend!!!! I'm off to watch a show or really to go pick up. It's almost bed time is what I keep telling myself :D

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SPT - "Embrace Your GEEK"

It's still Tuesday, right?? I have loved seeing all of the cute pics that everyone has put up for their "geek" SPT. So fun!

This is about as "geek" as I get. I love my cell phone(it is my alarm every morning under my pillow), love my iMac, and couldn't live without my ipod :D. I'm not the most computer savvy person but I can figure things out most of the time. It is a lot easier if Todd is close by to just ask and he'll show me. I can burn cd's now and know just how to work itunes and getting music onto my ipod. That is very important. My ipod saves me at the gym for sure.

I love the whole text message concept. I use that quite a bit. It comes in handy a lot of the time. I'm not familiar with all of the text messaging lingo/characters that Jenny explained for us. I loved her post. I see teenagers everywhere texting constantly. It can be a bit much in my opinion. I'm not that extreme but I do love it. What will it be like for my children in 10 years? I'm not sure I want to know right now.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Not Another Car Repair....UGH!!


Oh boy, trucks are expensive. I love them yet I hate them. I noticed a leak the other day and then noticed that it was leaking quite a bit. I took it in early this morning and knew I would be without a car today. It's nice because the dealer is at the end of our street and around the corner...very close. We can walk to it for sure. I knew that we needed the front brakes done so check that off and then the mystery leak. A couple of hours later, just as I am trying to get everything packed to walk to swim lessons, I got the call that it was a water pump. I know those aren't cheap...ok, give me the bad news. $900.00 later with the brakes and all I think I'm going to start walking/riding my bike. Thank goodness the school where we swim at is less than a mile or just a mile away. The boys enjoyed riding their bikes and I pushed the girls in the double stroller. I should just look at it as added exercise for me.

The rest of the day was a normal circus around here. Kids playing here and there and everywhere. They were good for me today as far as I can remember. :D My brain shuts down a bit at night once the kids are asleep. I was falling asleep reading a story to the boys. I got laundry done, well the Mitch folded a load and the kids helped put clothes away. They really are good workers. Emily can do just as much as the rest. She dumped out her drawer of clothes today and said, "Mom, we need to organize this." That just means to re fold everything in a nice stack and then put it all back. I like that she notices those things and thinks to do something like that. She has heard Mitty and Casey say all of that. Mitch is king of dumping everything out and re doing his drawers. He doesn't care how long it takes him to do it. I don't think he looks at tasks like how long it's going to take him. He just does the job until he finishes. He is my patient child.....(trait from his father :D). We had a bunch of our chores done before 10 this morning. I love that.

Tonight we all played UNO as a family and read more about Baptism out of the book I got Mitch. In preparing Mitch for his baptism in October, we try to read out of this book every Monday night and talk about it. It's a great book that explains so much about what Baptism is and what to expect. I think it's great for a child that age to understand. It was fun. Emily won our game. She is good. She knows just what to do without any help, of course. I will have to play again with them tomorrow. It's so fun to play a game that everyone knows how to play so no child feels jipped in any way. It was a nice evening together.

This week is swim lessons still for 2 hours each day. The kids are doing so well. I just love watching them do so much and feeling so confident about what they know how to do. It's great. Emily will swim out to her teacher and back by herself. Casey has really done well too. They do a lot of swimming in Mitch's group. It's good for him.

This week....

-Jim and Carol are coming up this way with Jake and Crosby (kids cousins) tomorrow and staying until maybe Saturday
-Ellie's dr. appt.
-Hair appt. ( I look forward to that time alone...and to have someome wash my hair.AHHHHHH!!!!)
-Swim lessons daily for 2 hours
-Getting ready for my vacation next week down south for a family reunion

It doesn't seem to bad but we'll see when the week is over how tired I feel. :D

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ellie's B'day and TGIF

Ellie was dying to get her hands into that cupcake. She didn't want to wait for us to blow out a candle and sing a song. You can see it in her face. :D That's my girl....she knows what she wants.

Yesterday was fun watching Ellie drink her first big glass of chocolate milk and dig into her very own cupcake. She was so happy to dig into it and eat it, smash it, smear it. Too cute!! She was doing so much talking after her face was covered in frosting. I know she was in heaven with all of that sugar. We brought in pizza for dinner and I made a salad. It was a good night! I'm sure Ellie will remember every last detail....ha:D. She went right to bed after her big hoorah! It's fun to officially say she is one. My baby girl is now 1 years old. That's huge.

Today was another beautiful day in the sun. The weather was just perfect to be out by the pool in our swim suits. The kids finished up their 3rd week of lessons and I am feeling happy. They are doing great and I'm so proud of each one. Emily will now swim out off of the steps to her teacher and then her teacher has her swim back to the steps. That is major to me. She is really getting it down and not afraid of it at all!! She loves it too. Casey and Mitch are doing awesome too.

I am happy for it to be the weekend. The gym doesn't open until 8:00 so I can really sleep in. :D yeah!!! Although, I may be up early walking to go get donuts for the kids before they wake. The boys went to bed great tonight and that is what we promised. They love to get donuts on Saturday morning.

I'm hoping to have a do nothing kind of weekend. I feel like we go and go and go every day all week long that by Saturday...I don't want another thing scheduled on the calendar. My lack of sleep this week caught up with me today. I was going to sleep reading blogs today. Not that they were boring....I couldn't help it. I was dozing off big time and not really realizing it. I hope to get to bed much earlier tonight. Who am I trying to kid. I almost think it is impossible for me. Thanks Mom for that gene :D. We are night owls.

I hope eveyone has a great weekend. I'm off to watch something on Tivo....or sleep to it.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Ellie Jayne!


Here is Ellie on July 12, 2006....a sweet newborn baby girl!! We were so happy to have a girl so that Emily would have a sister. Her skin is so perfect and her head was so perfect. She is perfect :D!! I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Here is Ellie at 2 months old......

Ellie at 4 months old......

Ellie at 6 months old....

Ellie at 8 months old.....

Ellie at 10 months old....

And here is sweet Ellie Jayne this morning at breakfast on her big birthday!!........

I can't believe it is Ellie's 1st birthday today. Where did the year go?? Turning 1 years old is such a milestone for me. No more bottles, formula, infant car seat (I cheated a few weeks ago), and now more food choices :D

Ellie is such a fun baby. She is so mellow yet funny and shows her personality. She isn't walking (all of my kids walked by their 1 year b'day). She is so precious and we love to tell her that. Casey loves how I say that she is "pecial"...meaning special in our baby talk. She loves to laugh at the kids while they are playing. She motors on her hands and knees...no walking for this girl. She can move faster on the ground.

Here are some things about Ellie........

-She has tiny feet like Grandma Carol
-She has 8 teeth
-She sleeps through the night and has since she was a month old
-She drinks out of a sippy cup
-Loves ice cream and "real" milk
-Loves to play in the dishwasher and cupboard with bowls/cups
-She sucks her right thumb only
-She always puts her head down on our shoulder when we walk into her room at nap time and bed time. I love that she knows it's time to sleep
-She can wave when we say hi
-She says dada and mmmmmmmaaaaaa
-She can say thank you and cracker
-She is talking more
-She loves the water
-Loves to take a bath....cries and kicks her legs when it's time to get out
-Is a happy baby
-She puts the phone or her hand up to her ear when we say hello or hi
-She loves to eat and can eat a lot
-Loves to cuddle for a minute
-Wants to be where the action is....where all of the kids are
-Doesn't like to be on the grass...will not get off of a blanket if it's on the grass. The sand and cement are another story.

We love having her in our family and the kids just love to play with her. Sometimes a little too much :D. This year has been fun. With so many things going on and so many kids, the year just flew by so quickly.

I am thankful to be Ellie's mom. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for sending me the children that I have. I am truly blessed. I love you Ellie and happy birthday!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just another day......set some new goals

Nothing exciting has been going on around here...just a lot of busy work. House work, laundry, making food and tending to children doesn't leave room for much else. Swim lessons are in full swing every day from 11-1. The weather has been cool so it's been hard to sit out by a pool when it's in the 60's. It's so strange to see kids coming in snow boots and big winter sweaters to swim lessons in July. What is up with the weather?? Poor kids are just shivering when they get out. They haven't complained yet about it.

I have set some new goals and am hoping to stick to them every day. I've done pretty well this week (a big 2 1/2 days)

-read 1-2 chapters of scriptures each day
-read a book with each child each day
-workout 6 days a week
-eat healthy/balanced meals every day...stay within my points each day
-do service for others outside of my home
-take on a house project (one a week...cleaning out closets, organizing a room, garage, etc.)

I better not write too many. The pressure will be on to do everything. hahaha

I'm bummed I missed yesterday's SPT but I realized my stolen moments would be a picture of me on the toilet. And even then I'm not alone sometimes. :D My stolen moments are at the gym! That is the only time I am really alone. I try to have a few moments in the morning before the kids get up but for some reason it doesn't last very long. Once school starts again it will be really nice and I will have a few more moments to myself.

I'm off to make lunches, pack the pool bag, fold clothes, change a stinky diaper, make my bed, sort clothes for the wash, and try to be a wonderful, happy mother of 4 children who aren't getting a long so well this morning. Lucky me!! :D

Just want to add something Casey said yesterday that was too funny. WE were at Wal-Mart and he saw a man and little girl pass by us. He said, "Mom, come look.. a man and a girl are just wearing feet. It didn't bother Casey that as he was pointing at them telling me this the man and girl are literally right in front of him. They were not wearing shoes. Of course, because we were at Wal-Mart. Oh Casey.... He stares and points at everyone. He has me to thank. I don't point but as a child I would stare. Casey is definitely my curious George. :D

Monday, July 09, 2007

Long Weekend Recap/Swimming Lessons Start Again/Test Results

Here is a picture of the kids on 4th of July on our way to the pancake breakfast. We were just so festive with our red. I thought it was cute. The boys picked out there shirts on their own. It was hot but fun for them. We only stayed for about an hour or so.

We decided to take a long weekend and go north up to Los Altos. Some of you were wondering. Todd's aunt lives there and it's always fun to visit. She lives on a cul-de-sac, which eases my mind about cars racing by, her backyard is huge for the kids to play in, and her neighbor opened up the pool to us as often as we wanted to use it while we were there. It was perfect temperature and I actually got in. I did some dives and had fun jumping off of the diving board. I can't remember the last time I was using a diving board....maybe in my own pool 15 years ago. It was fun and the kids were like fish!! I couldn't believe how much swimming lessons have really paid off for my kids. Casey was all over the pool. He was jumping off of the diving board by himself and swimming to the side. Emily was swimming out to us in the pool, begging to go under water and jumping off of the diving board by herself. It's so neat to see them feeling so confident around the pool. Emily will be swimming alone in no time. That is her personality. I think she wanted to be doing all that the boys were doing. Each day she was wanting to try something more/new. She liked going to the bottom and sitting and then coming back up. She would be holding onto the side and then show us how she goes all the way under and then lets go of the side and then back up. Pretty cute. The boys weren't like her at 3. She seems to not have any fear right now.

It was warm/hot up there so the pool was the ticket! Ellie loves the water too. She just wants her face in it. Anyway, we enjoyed the weekend and the neighbor kept making food and bringing it over to us....Saturday morning she brought hot, blueberry bran muffins for all of us, then later that night she brought 2 dozen delicious cookies over for the kids. I said, "the kids?" The eating was a bit much for me but I'm happy to be back in my kitchen where I can really get back to counting points. I love Mondays for this very reason. It's a new start for anything!!

We got home last night and I unpacked our bags, sorted the laundry for this morning and put away all of our bags of food. It feels so good to get that out of the way. I hate having that staring at me on a Monday morning. The kids unpacked and put away their bags this morning so we are good to go and back to normal around here. Ahhh! I love that the older kids can really do so much. Well, Emily put away all of her clothes too so even the younger kids. It helps so much when they really help.

We are back on for swimming lessons for the next 2 weeks. They are really doing more than I thought. Thank goodness. Anyway, the kids love it and it gives them something to look forward to each day. I am just hoping the sun starts to peek out of the fog this morning. Poor kids who have to get into the water and then poor me and Ellie who have to sit out for 2 hours in the cold watching. I'm sure we will manage just fine.

How could I forget to report on my test results....... Everything came back normal from the CT scan. It did show that there may have been trace amounts of a stone in my urinary tract. I guess it was so small I didn't feel it. It did show that I do have 1 or 2 stones in each kidney. I think the back pain is totally unrelated to any of that. I still feel that pain every so often. My lower back feels stiff in the mornings. I just have to be careful how I move around. That is that and I am happy it all came back ok. Maybe Mitch was right about my back. I'm just getting old....hahaha :D.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Swimming Lesson Pictures/Happy 4th of July!!!****

Here is Emily floating on her back. She just loves it now.

Here is Casey floating and then he was kicking. He is doing really well. Once his confidence is up more about swimming where it is deeper than he can touch, he will freely get out there and swim on his own. He loves his teacher. He told me that he likes the way she looks. It starts so young....what am I going to do with these boys? :D

Here is Mitty doing the backstroke. He was a little skeptical at first about how hard the class might be. He stuck to it and really loves his class. He is doing great. I love to see him pushing himself.

The 10 days of swimming lessons is almost over for us (Thursday). They have tomorrow off because of the holiday and then Thursday will be my kids last day...until Monday. I signed them up to do another session (2 more weeks). The kids absolutely are loving it. Emily has come a long way in these last 7 days. She loves to do all of the activities. They look forward to the lessons every morning....thank goodness!! And the weather has been so great for swimming. On Monday, it was in the 80's. This next session of lessons will be pretty fun. There are 2 boys from church that will be in Casey's class and then another girl in Emily's that I know of for sure. A lady that I have met this session is putting her son in for another session and her daughter will be in Emily's class. I'm excited for the kids to have friends in their classes and for me to have friends to chat with :D. I didn't get so lucky to have them all taking a lesson at the same time. Casey and Mitch will go at the same time and then Emily will be the next hour. 2 hours at the pool with Ellie may be a bit rough. It keeps us all busy for a good part of the summer. I don't mind it.

I guess I can say Happy 4th of July now. Today we are going to go to the Pancake breakfast that our Stake puts on every year. It starts at 8:00...yikes. It's about 25 minutes away too. I don't see Todd moving so quickly that early on his day off. We'll see when we get there. I've set out the girls clothes, my clothes and put the diaper bag together. Let's see if that helps in the morning. Everyone showered/bathed up tonight so the kids should be good to go in the morning. Just watch....for the first time ever they will all sleep in when we need to be somewhere. That is so how life works. The kids really want to go so it should be fun. I'm hoping to get some pics of our festivities that I will post later.

The kids got a free pass to swim at the pool tomorrow since they don't have a lesson so we may venture over and let them practice their swimming. If the weather stays hot like it's been, that is the place I will be. We don't have any big plans for tomorrow but will leave to go up north on Thursday after their lessons. I'm ready for a little break again. I love driving north....it's a much easier drive than going south into LA. I will get some pics of what all we do and post them for my July 4th post.

Have fun and be safe wherever you are on this holiday!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend /Loving the iphone/Happy B'day Megan

The weekend has been really nice. Friday night Todd and I made dinner here at home and then put the kids to bed to then go get our favorite....YC. I love that yogurt!! It was my treat for the week. Todd's aunt called earlier and was wondering if the line at our Apple Store was a five hour wait to get the new iphone that just came out on Friday at 6:00pm. The wait up in her area was just crazy. Todd called the store and was excited to hear that it wasn't (the benefits of a smaller town :D). After our yogurt, he headed over to the store to pick one up for her. He came home and was so excited about it. I was able to sleep in on Saturday morning...7:20. That is sleeping in around this house. I then went to work out and hit the store all by myself. Ahhh, that is so nice to be alone and get something accomplished so quickly. When I got back, Todd told me that his aunt was coming down. She couldn't wait for Todd to fed ex it to her. She was too anxious to get her hands on this new iphone. The phone is pretty sweet. Todd and I hung around the house and cleaned together and got a bunch done. I was even able to get in some sun time outside. It has been really warm here.

Anyway, we brought in dinner from an Italian Restaurant in Pismo..Ohhh, it was so dang good. We were all so starved so anything at that point would have been delicious. I hadn't eaten much since I spent most of the day cleaning. We ordered so much food and there wasn't anything left. We had vanilla and root beer flavored gelato. The root beer was so good!! I love gelato.

His aunt left around 9pm with iphone activated and ready to roll. She was so excited about it. It is pretty nice!

Todd and I were doing a pre fast Sunday binge for sure last night. It was out of control. I hope I will make it through the day today. Fast Sunday's are really hard for me. I seem to just be sick by the end of the day with a throbbing headache causing my stomach to hurt. Not fun.

My back is bothering me a bit today...bummer! Why on Sunday when I have to juggle the kids during church alone? I really hope to get some answers tomorrow about my test. The unknown is just awful. I really could take bad news at this point. I just want some news/answers. I guess I can wait another day if I've waited 4 weeks.

Happy B'day Megan!! She turns 11 today. Megan is Marilyn's oldest child. I can't believe how fast she has grown up. Where has all of the time gone? She has really grown up. As I see her with her friends, it reminds me of when I was that age. I can remember so clearly all of the "things" that mattered so much to me at that age. The boy factor has come into play, being with friends is everything, going to the mall, looking just so fashionable, etc. I hope she has a happy b'day!!