Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Needed the Break!!/Ellie's Walking :D

This week has been just what I had hoped for.....calm with not much on the calendar. I love that!! The kids have been doing much better in their morning routines. I have told myself that I refuse to get upset with them before school. I hate leaving the house and saying goodbye to them after being so upset over all that they weren't doing. I have tried to relax myself and let the things that don't have to be done before school go until later in the day. I enjoy it much more when we can all be happy and talk things through in the morning instead of getting on each other for every last detail. Sometimes the boys need more motivation in getting ready but they have been on it this week. With their hair being short (freshly cut), they gel and style their own hair. Oh, does that save me time!!

I have felt more calm for sure. Casey was anxious to finish all of his homework by tonight so that helps. He doesn't have to turn it in until Friday. Mitch did all of his Thursday homework so it looks like a free afternoon tomorrow. :D I have promised all of the kids ice cream at Rite-Aide tomorrow if they go to bed without a fuss tonight. The house is quiet now!! :D Emily and Ellie were in bed at 7:40 and the boys may just be falling asleep. I do have good kids. They really do so much around here to help and they obey better than a lot of children I see so I am grateful.

Emily had her dance class today and she did so well! She is so cute out on the dance floor. She did everything Ms. Kathy wanted her to do. She listened so well and tried everything. She isn't shy out on the dance floor....I'm so happy about that. She is really loving her class. She wanted to meet "dad" for lunch today in her dance clothes she told me. Wednesday is Subway day....6" turkey sand. for $2.49. Can't beat that. Todd and I ate lunch for $7.50. Gotta love that. She just loves to go up to the office and get M&M's from a lady in his office and then always has to use the bathroom. She is too much.

Tonight Ellie decided to really walk more than just a couple of shuffles. She started walking to Mitty and then she walked halfway through the family room to the couch. She also walked across the kitchen 3 times tonight. I tried to get it on video but she knows it and just fusses and refuses to do anything. I will have to sneak up on her and tape her. She is walking really well. I guess it's about time she start. It's still definitely on her time. She won't always walk for us but I knew she had it in her....she just doesn't want to. Doesn't that sound like the baby of the family? :D It's so fun to reach another milestone.

I better get to work and finish what I said I was going to do.....IRON, ugh!! I told myself that while Todd was at his meeting tonight I would iron a bunch of his shirts. Oh, how I hate to waste my time on ironing. I know it isn't wasting but it isn't enjoyable either.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm glad today is the start of a new week :D

Last week was just so crazy busy and choc full of things to do, deadlines to meet, homework assignments, Emily's b'day (2 days worth), relatives visiting, missionaries for dinner (never showed), ward talent show to attend, 5 different desserts were made last week(all on different days for different events), a fun night for the Bishoprics, Stk. Presidency, and High Council in our stake, and then the primary program in Sacrament Meeting today. It was nice to sit on the pew and just have Ellie to tend to. That was a bit of a break for me :D.

To start off, my kids did such a great job in the program today. I was so proud of all 3 of them. Mitty was a bit nervous to do it but after a prayer last night to help with their nerves, they walked right up today and did their parts wonderfully!! It was a milestone for my kids this year (mainly Mitch and Casey). They actually said their parts in the microphone and sang every song. I just loved to see them growing up in that way. A comment was made to me, "This is big for you...the kids got up to the mic and said their parts this year." The program was really well done and it went smoothly.

It's Monday morning now...I love that I have nothing on the calendar for today. Ahhhh!! I need a week of not much going on. Last Friday night we went to a BBQ dinner hosted by the Stake Presidency for all bishoprics and high council in our stake. What a fun night we had. The food was great, the karoake singing was funny. Todd did get up with Dave Scott and a few others and did the theme to the Brady Bunch. Go Todd!! He really would love to be on stage :D. We ended up chatting with Dave Scott and his wife, Sharon until late. For those of you from the Orange Stake, Sharon's maiden name was Russell. I guess her step dad was Mike Freebarin (sp). It was fun talking with them. We had a babysitter with the kids and they loved her. They were asking me yesterday, "when are you and dad going to leave again so she can come back and watch us?" Yeah, I was so glad it worked out well. She read stories for a couple of hours on their bed. I guess if you do that you are "IN" with the kids.

Saturday, I worked out and then came home to find a box of donuts. I was pretty good but can never pass up a bite. Todd took the kids to get donuts and then he and the boys got haircuts. I guess I should have taken a picture. Darn! Todd went to the SC game with his dad and niece and nephew so was gone for the day. Aunt Nancy came and spent the day with me and the kids. We just hung around the house and had CPK for lunch. I love that place! She took the kids on a walk to a neighborhood park and so I had some time in the house by myself while Ellie was sleeping. It's nice to hear some quiet during the day. :D Once they got back, it was time to get ready for our ward talent show. The evening was fun, a little hard for the kids to sit and watch but we managed and then left early around 8:20.

I am hoping for a good week with very few items on the calendar. The kids are still asleep so I better go sneak in a shower and get going for the day.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is it really Friday already??

I can't believe how fast the weeks fly by. It's good and bad I guess. I am happy it's Friday but that just means my busy weekend is almost here. Ahhhh!!

Today had the feel of Fall in the air. I love it. I will miss the nice summer weather. I'm not sure I'm ready for it to be cold. It never really gets hot here but it sure gets cold in the fall/winter. As a lady said today, "I guess it's time for layers again." The sun was out this morning and really nice but then by noon the dark clouds were overhead and it began to rain. The air turned cool real fast.

While Emily was in school this morning I was able to roll out and bake 50 sugar cookies, clean the bathrooms, rotate a few loads of laundry and change some sheets. Ellie was down for a nap during all of that of course. I was amazed how fast it was to do the cookies and then realized it's because I didn't have any of the kids home. Usually, there are many interruptions, breaking up fights, helping a crying, hurt child, getting the baby out of a number of places, etc. Now tonight I have about 3-4 loads of laundry to fold and put away, dinner dishes to clean and a kitchen to pick up. It was a rush through dinner, kids to get showers, iron a white shirt for Todd's meeting tonight, have family prayer, pick up kid's stuff that was left out.....I"M BEAT!! My eyes are very sleepy as I write this. I better get off and get my butt back to work so that I can be in bed in hopefully an hour. I need a little extra shut eye these days. Oh please tell me how you keep kids in bed or get them to go to sleep. I'm not talking about the little ones. This is Mitch and Casey. It drives me crazy! They goof off for so long before going to sleep.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Emily's First Day at Dance

Little Em Em in her cute dance clothes. Her look was just so cute in this picture. I had to capture it. :D

Here she is after her class and just so excited and happy about it.

Emily was so cute today. She was so excited to put on her "gear" for class that she was ready in a flash. Her friend Roial came over with her mom and we all rode together to class. There are 4 little girls including Emily so it was a good size class. I like it small. 2 of the other girls in the class we know from church so it makes it fun. Emily had a blast and really did a good job. The first half was ballet and then the last half is tap. The girls had a good time together. I'm happy it was a positive experience for both she and myself. I really like the teacher too. She is great with the girls! Once we got home, Emily said to me, "Mom, I reallllllyyyy want to go back to that place." Tonight in bed she told me that she can't wait for her dance class again. This is fun for us to have something that she looks forward to being involved in. She asks usually every night, "what am I doing tomorrow?" She would love to be in school or dance every day.

Other than her cute class today, I have been realizing and feeling how busy and crazy life can be. I think I would literally go out of my mind if I had any more children. I know what I can handle and what I cannot. Life is extremely busy, overwhelming, challenging, interesting, exhausting at times, rewarding, hard, and a juggling act for me. Let's face it...there is not enough time in the day to get what all that needs to be done finished. It kills me. I can't start my day any earlier
(4:55am) or end it any later(usually 11:00pm)... so what do you do? I guess I better take some cleansing breaths and go get started on the 100 sugar cookies that I am making for our ward talent show. I love to bake so I'm sure I will enjoy every minute of this project. :D

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday Emily Sue!!

Happy Birthday Em Em!!

It's Emily's b'day today and we have celebrated a couple of times now. I'm sure it's just how she likes it. She is so cute and so fun. She talks like she is turning 28. Here are a few comments that she has made today.

-Grandma Carol sent her a check and so Emily put it in her purse and said, "I'm going to get me a new purse." And then later said, "I think I will get a Barbie or something like that or maybe a Barbie and a dog or somethin'." She picked out a cute purple umbrella and some Kelly dolls. I guess that is Barbie's sister.

-She woke up this morning and kept asking me, "Am I really already 4, really, right now I'm 4?" She has had fun telling others today that she is already 4.

-I asked her what she wanted to do tonight for dinner. She said, "well, you know go to a dinner place." Like duh mom! I asked her what place and she replied, "uhhhh, like Woodstocks." It's a pizza place in San Luis that the kids and dad just love! Todd is always up for pizza. His comment on Saturday at Emily's party was..."there really is no such thing as bad pizza just different levels of good." That is so Todd. He is such a food conosieur (sp).

Saturday, Emily had a party with some friends at the park. It was a small group and we all had a lot of fun. The kids played on the equipment and enjoyed the goodies. Emily was in a good mood all day and that really helps. I realized once we were at the park that my camera's battery was about dead. I had to hold back on taking pictures so I would have enough battery for some other essential pictures that needed to be taken. I hate when I do that.

Emily's friend got her some Kid K'nex. They are so neat. The boys have enjoyed them as well.

Nice pizza box for the background. We were desperate to get the candles to stay lit.

We looked over at the kids and they had chosen the table without any table cloth and were all enjoying the table top. They were having fun!

I can't believe my oldest girl is 4 years old. This day 4 years ago was a good day. Barbie and my mom were there with me in the room and of course Todd while we waited for this little Emily, who we didn't know was going to be a girl, to come. I didn't find out the sex with any of my 4 children. It's the best!! I had been given the epidural and was just waiting. A little uncomfortable because it didn't seem to take in a small area. They had pumped some more medication into the iv but it didn't seem to change anything. The doctor finally said we can redo your epidural or leave it as is and give you some more medication. I opted for them to redo. The epidural never bothers me. That was really all it took for the baby to say I come. It was within minutes after having the 2nd epidural that I literally felt like she was just going to slip out. I guess I really just needed to relax but couldn't with feeling every contraction before. At 2:30pm Emily Anne came to join our family. She was just so precious and we were all excited to have a baby girl. After the 2 boys, I was hoping for a little girl at some point. She weighed 7lbs. 5 oz. She was my smallest baby. It was so fun to have all of the pink and purple. And now, 4 years later she is just as cute and precious. Her curly hair full of ringlets is so beautiful and fun for me. Her personality just makes me laugh. She likes to be funny and goofy and knows how to have fun.

She has been such a joy to have in our family. She was such a good baby and is still very good. We have our days but what 3 year old doesn't. She is so grown up and can pretty much do anything. She is the mom around here. Last year she would go through the boys backpacks and get out their lunch boxes, empty them, put the boxes away and then get out their homework and tell me what they had to do. She is quite a helper. She likes to be included in everything. There isn't anything she doesn't really try. She can do so many chores and likes to. She empty's trash cans, sweeps, sets the table, wipes down the toilet with wipes, makes her bed, is a great folder of clothes, and likes to be my helper. She is probably the most outgoing of all of the kids thus far. She loves primary and sings the songs all through the house. She has the gene for shoes (thanks Carol). She loves shoes and loves to wear mine. It's pretty cute. She notices other girls shoes and then tells me they are soooooo cute. She knows how to be a girl and then isn't afraid to get dirty with the boys. I love that.

She loves to play with her brothers and gets so bothered if they don't want her coming in to their room. It doesn't happen very often because her brothers are pretty good to her. She is such a big girl in so many ways. She prefers to shower and has all by herself for a time now. I have watched her.. she knows just which one is the shampoo and conditioner. With myself and Todd as her parents, there is no doubt she gets herself clean. We have a thing for hygeine in our family. It's taught at an early age around here. We are on the verge of clean freaks to some or OCD. Oh well, I'm ok with being OCD on important issues. :D

I have enjoyed having the 2 girls and know that there are many more fun days ahead. I thought to myself today....she is at such a fun age. She says the cutest things and just is so loving. I want to capture it in a bubble and hope it never pops. :D

I love you Emily and am so blessed to have you as my daughter. I look forward to a fun year and many more to come. Hope you have a fun day!! Hugs and kisses!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy 60th B'day Jim!!

Jim is my brother in law, Barbie's husband.

This is his big day! I sure hope he is having a good day and will have a good time celebrating. I really enjoy Jim and think he is a neat guy. He is a great cook and makes great tasting food. He is tolerant of my kids when we come down and visit :D. Thanks Jim...I know it can be hard. He is down to earth and so easy to be around. We love him!! Have a great year deserve it. I hope you guys have a good time in Vegas.

Random Thoughts for a Thursday..

I can't really believe that it is already Thursday. The weeks seem to be flying by. I guess with more on the schedule it causes time to fly. Not really a bad thing but I feel like I'm always racing around and everything is a rush. I hate that. I guess really it's more of my lack of time management on some days. Oh well, such is life. Sometimes I feel like I really can't try any harder or my head will burst.

Today was Emily's sharing day at school. She packed her backpack with her long, yellow rubber snake last night to share with her class today. It's so funny what she picks to share. She is not into the princess thing at all as you can see. She loves to dance around and play with her babies but she isn't my prissy girl by any means. I'm not that way at all so maybe it rubs off. Emily told me that everyone wanted to touch her snake and she let them. The teacher thought it was funny that the whole class wanted to feel it. Normally, she said the kids are a little stand offish with snakes. It was pretty funny. She definitely has older brothers. I think it's pretty cute.

Casey threw up last night right after dinner and then was out at 7:20. He never got up again until 7:30 this morning. AHHHH! Todd was stressed on how much throwing up he was going to be hearing and who was going to be next. He panics big time. Too funny. He woke up hungry and has been fine all day. He told me this morning that his tummy felt ok but his legs felt like they were shaking. Poor guy. I kept him home so that he could re gain some strength. Oh he was fine and sometimes too fine. Tomorrow we are back on schedule to have kids in school.

I'm really excited to have Emily starting a little tap/ballet class once a week. I have waited for this day for years. Who doesn't want their little girl to be so cute in tights and a leotard with cute tap shoes on. Ok, maybe just me but Emily is so dang cute in her outfits I can't help but just feel tickled. Casey saw her all outfitted this afternoon and was telling her how cute she looked. I love that. Two other little girls from our ward are also in the class so this should be really fun for the girls. Maybe it's going to be more fun for me to watch.

I have Emily's b'day party planned for Saturday at the park. It should be low key and fun for a few little girls to play together and enjoy balloons, cake, pizza (dad is in charge of that), and goodie bags. Emily was very vocal about who she wanted to invite and what park to have it at and what type of cupcakes, etc. She told me she was only inviting the kids who are nice to her. :D Her actual b'day is Monday so we will be making cupcakes a second time to take into her class on Tuesday. She wants to bring them in. There has already been a b'day in her class and she told me he brought cupcakes so she wants to do the same. I love this stuff. I have no problem baking more goodies. I thrive on it.

Another task I finished was scheduling the building for Mitty's baptism. For of right now, I have it set for Saturday, November 3rd at 3:30. I will be sending something out pretty soon.

If it isn't one thing it's another..... this nasty bump just showed up on my foot this week. My ankle was swollen one night and I couldn't figure out why and then I felt this nasty bump. It hurts a bit when my tennis shoes are on. I can't tie them up too snug or else it bothers it. My mom looked it up and I think it is a gangllion cyst. I know the word sounds nasty. Anything with cyst tacked on to it kind of grosses me out. I keep saying I don't want to go to a dr. and pay $20.00 for them to say that is what it is and I just have to watch know the response "there isn't much to do about it" but Todd is telling me to go and have it checked out. We'll see. Here is the best picture to show what it looks like. Has anyone ever experienced something like this?

Here is Mitty after he lost his first front top tooth this week. He was so happy to have it out and now can't wait for the new one to come in. It is already peeking through.

I better get off of this thing and get busy with dinner. I was just enjoying some quiet time while the kids are outside and Ellie is napping. I really enjoy my quiet time these days. :D

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ahhhh.....the silence around the house!!

Yes, this is my first day home with Ellie asleep and all of the kids at school. I can't believe this day is really here. It feels very strange. I have always had kids home and awake all of these years. What do I do???!! The kids have been getting up at a decent time in the morning to have enough time to make their beds and pick up any stray clothes. I love to walk down the hall and all of the kids rooms are picked up. I guess I am left to fold a few loads of laundry and put some clean dishes away. Not bad.

Emily is loving school and wonders why she has to wait so many days before she goes again. She goes on T/Th and tells me she really likes her teachers. I ask her what she did when I pick her up and who she played with and it's always the boys. I guess with 2 older brothers she is used to boys. That's my girl. I always had much more fun hanging out with guys than girls. Girls had too many issues to fuss about and guys just knew how to have fun.

Mitch lost his front tooth two nights ago and was just so excited. My boys are late on losing teeth. He has only lost his 4 bottom ones and he is turning 8 next month. Casey hasn't even lost one and no sign of losing any either. He is in 1st grade. Casey and Emily were wiggling their teeth the other night telling me "I think this one is loose." Emily wants to be right in there with them. She is too funny! I will have to post pics later since my camera is in the car.

Our family has started reading the Book of Mormon again cover to cover and hoping to finish by the end of the year. It really makes a difference and just when you think the kids aren't listening they all of sudden ask what a certain words means that you are reading. I love that. It just tells me that they do hear what we are saying. Todd read some while we ate dinner last night. It's been good because after he reads a chapter he summarizes it and then before we read the next night he reminds us all of what is going on. Thanks Todd for being a great example to us all.

The kids are adapting well to the school routine and homework schedule. I'm almost there I think. :D I really can't imagine putting sports into the picture right now.

I better go enjoy the quiet house....finish up some reading, fold the clothes and relax while I can. I am almost done with the second Harry Potter book. I am really loving these books. I didn't think I would. I'm hooked.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Happy Anniversary....9 years and many more to enjoy!

Happy Anniversay Todd.......I love you!! (It was August 28th but I'm posting now since we were gone :D)

Is there a better place to spend an anniversary than on an island? I'm not sure there is :D haha. It was a great day and a beautiful night spent together. We were able to go out for dinner alone to a really nice restaurant called Don Derros at the Grand Hyatt there in Poipu. We sat out on the patio and had a gorgeous view. The weather couldn't have been better. The food was excellent as well. It was a nice night to enjoy one another and actually have a conversation at the table together. That doesn't happen very often with 4 young children. We couldn't believe that we were actually alone on a date. We don't get out much on our own. To be honest, we haven't been out on a date alone since before we moved up here (almost 2 years) It's pretty bad, I know.

During the day we went snorkeling...(my first time ever to snorkel). It was pretty neat to be so close to all of the fish. Scott, Todd's brother, and his son Jake and Mitch all went out with us too. I was a bit chicken to head straight out into the ocean and so eased myself out there by walking out the sand bar and then getting in. The water is so warm! I was loving it since the water up here on the central coast never gets above 55 degrees. Scott then took the boys back in to shore and told us just to enjoy ourselves and relax. That was really nice and so we stayed out a bit longer and took it all in. It was fun and I will definitely snorkel again. Thanks Todd for convincing me to go for it. I am writing as if he is going to read this. He doesn't read it. Oh well, for my own thoughts. Here are some pictures of the fish that we took with the underwater camera. It was fun and really amazing to be with so many fish all around. They just come swarming when you open the bag of food. Pretty cool!

I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband who is faithful and loyal to his family. He is a great dad and would do anything for us. He is a great example to me and to our children. He is a good example to many around him. He is so patient. I don't know how he does it. He is very easy to be around and likes to have fun. I am so happy and blessed to be married to one I can call my best friend. Thanks Todd for so many fun years together. We have so MANY memories together and I love to remenisce about all of them. Here's a few.....

Lake Tahoe, late nights playing Nintendo, Tuesday night Forensic/pizza night, Cabos every Friday night for years, 4 beautiful children, San Francisco, Hawaii vacations, Blue Lantern Inn, Joshua Tree, Vegas, our wedding day, late night del Taco runs, It's a Deli, USC football games.....and the list goes on and on.

I am happy to have spent our anniversary in a beautiful place. Love you Todd forever!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hawaii Pictures....Continued (Kauai Vacation)

I have spent an hour loading and writing captions to these I'm pretty much out of time tonight. I will have to take more time tomorrow and write about what we did and our anniversary that was on the 28th of August. What a nice place to celebrate 9 years of the islands :D. We had a great time and actually went out on a date alone. Very nice!!

More pictures at the pool...

This is Emily and Ryan (cousins... Ryan turned 4 in May and Emily will be 4 on the 17th.) having fun pulling each other on the boogie board around the pool.

I love this shot from behind. Emily and Casey were often found enjoying a lava flow or pina colada smoothie by the pool...of course virgin smoothies :D.

Here are all of the boy cousins "chillin" in the sun with their sunglasses on of course. Jake was loving his glasses. Jake and Ryan (not the two in the middle) are brothers and belong to Scott.

This is one of my favorites of Todd and Ellie Jayne girl.

Here is Mitty doing what he loved....snorkeling in the pool. The kids would put on the fins and snorkel gear and motor around the pool never coming up for air. It was classic and kept them busy busy and having fun.

These are just some pics taken at the pool where the kids lived during the day....

Here are a few of the kids and dads on the beach. Mitch and Jake really loved the boogie boards and had a great time in the waves. I was happy to see that MItch isn't afraid to try things. He went snorkeling with Jake and Scott one day and then came out again a second time the next day. He loved it.

The picture above is of my son (ha ha) ...I had a few people ask me how old "he" was. I know the red and black doesn't help but geesh. Oh well, I'm used to it. I then put pink bottoms on her the next few days. Nancy bought the kids the rash guard/UV protection shirts while we were there and they are great!! The red and black was the only one in Ellie's size. Oh well. SHE is still a doll!! It was too cute that she picked up Emily's sunglasses and just knew exactly what to do with them and put them on just right :D. That's my girl!

We took a night and signed the kids up to do some bamboo fishing at the lagoon on the property. They loved it!! It was pretty cute and the boys really got the hang of baiting the line (whatever you call it) and then getting the fish off of the hook. Mitch was just catching tons. They were given white bread to "ball up" and put on the hooks. All of the kids (Mitch, Casey, Emily, Ryan and Jake) were able to catch a fish....some more than others. :D Todd and his brother Scott helped the kids while I took pictures and handled a very tired Ellie girl.

The picture above is of Jake, Scott's middle son. He is 9 yrs. old and so cute!

This next group of pictures are mainly of the property (view from our room) and our view of the beach. It was just heavenly to walk around and see this view every where we went. The water is so warm and gorgeous. The weather is so nice. It wasn't as humid as I remember a few years ago which really helps. It was still hot. And yes, I would be dripping just laying in a chair. We had a few showers. It will dump a few buckets and then the hot sun shines again. It's beautiful :D. I miss it just writing about it.

Hawaii Pictures....Our Vacation to Kauai!!

Here we are Sunday morning on our way to church. We had never been to a ward over there and so we went and it was fun. They sang Aloha Hoi to all of the visitors in Sacrament Meeting. The ward was made up of mainly visitors. The ward members gather up on the stand to sing to us visitors in the congregation. They gave each of us a handmade lei out of yarn. Very cute and such nice people.

Here are a couple of shots of the family after church at the Marriott Beach Club in Lihue....

Here we are taking more pictures and killing time at the Marriott Beach Club in Lihue while we waited for our plane that was delayed. Oh that is another story.

Here are some random shots of the kids and our family.... You can partially see the view that we had all week. It was just gorgeous. Pictures don't do it justice. The hammock was nice. Wish we could have spent more time in that. :D

Here is a picture of Todd eating his burger for lunch. I put this in here because it shows how he updated his look while we were gone. He actually bought a pair of flip flops and updated his sunglasses. I love the new look and he knows it. His glasses no longer look like he is a blind man :D. I am happy with his change and I know he loves it too. He has been wearing his flip flops since we got back. :D He is too much. I will find a better picture of his midlife change. His attitude is so funny about it. Mom and Barbie would be laughing.

more to come......this is taking so long to put them together. I have about 25 more that I want to put on. Come back and look a little later. :D