Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daily Happenings/Great Book

I see that I'm on a role for posting once a week. I don't mean for it to happen that way....there just seems to be so many things that I feel I "should" be doing instead of blogging. I need to start out by saying that I am so grateful for beautiful weather. It has been gorgeous here yesterday and now this morning. The sun feels so dang good coming in the window. Here are a few pictures I took outside yesterday of the pretty flowers that are in my yard. The sun felt so good yesterday that I sat outside for a bit with the girls to enjoy it. I loved it that a skirt and flip flops were perfect.

Here is the book that I just read in a couple of days. My new thing is to read while running on the treadmill. The print was large enough that I wasn't having to strain to read while in motion. It is called Things I Wish I'd Known Jaroldeen Edwards. Oh it is so good. i really enjoyed reading her insight. She is a mother of 12. It helped me to put some things into perspective. I highly recommend the book to anyone at any age.

This is how I found them the other night before bed. It was so classic. How cute is that that Ellie has to have one in her hand and she knows the DS vs. the older Game Boy. It is pretty cute! At least there was a bit of quiet time for a moment. :D

The week seems to be flying by again. We have one more Saturday to ourselves before baseball practices/games start. Except for Spring Break and Memorial Day Weekend we will be at the field on Saturdays. It does help Spring go by a bit quicker and then that means summer again. Oh, what will be the plans for summer.....I do already have swim lessons in mind, Scout Day Camp for a week, Hawaii(hopefully), and a trip to see the new baby cousin that will arrive sometime at the end of July. :D

Ellie has been up since 6:45 and doesn't seem to be getting along with today. She acts tired and fussy. Oh, it makes the morning bustle a little bit tougher. I'm off to finish lunches and change a diaper and get the kids to school. This post is everywhere. It's just a bunch of random information. Oh well, that is life for me right now.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Has It Already Been A Week?????

Wow, the time really flies. I guess when I stay constantly busy there is no slow time around here. Valentines was nice. The kids all enjoyed their parties and the exchange of valentines is big around here. The kids are still looking through them. Todd brought me home a rose and a kiss which was nice. I don't need a big bouquet of roses. I hate to know how much was spent on flowers that will just die in a few days. I had one of our favorite desserts...apples from Rocky Mountain. I scored with an Apple Pie and Avalanche. They were delicious!! Todd picked up pizza from a place we love and we ate together alone after the kids were in bed. It is always nice to have a quiet dinner to ourselves. I don't care if it is just in my house. I love it that way!!

We traveled north for the long holiday weekend and spent it with Aunt Nancy. She just had surgery on her shoulder and really wanted us to come up. Grandma Carol was there and so we had a great time. The kids always love to play in her cul de sac and large back yard. It was nice to do some shopping at the mall. I had exchanges and gift cards for Nordstrom from Christmas that I hadn't used up. We don't live close to one so it makes it a bit hard to use them. I did get some great smelling lotion and some lipstick which is always fun. It all worked out and we had a fabulous weekend until Monday morning when Casey got sick in the night. He threw up a couple of times in the morning but was ok to drive home that evening. We were nervous to drive just thinking who might be next. They all slept the entire way which made it a bit peaceful. Casey stayed home from school Tuesday and Wednesday literally just laying on the couch. I felt so bad to see his big eyes drooping so. He would just sleep on and off all day. Both nights he went to bed at 6:30. That definitely shows that he was really sick. He got up today and said he wanted to go to school. He looked a 100 times better and so I was ok with it. He did fine at school. He does have a cough that really gets going at night. I hope the rest of us stay well....knock on wood. I did have a minor sore throat for the last couple of mornings. That can't stop a mom, right?

Mitch had scouts the other night and had to do a short report on the dangers of drugs and alcohol. It was interesting to see how he worded the information we talked about. He did a great job and read it to the other boys. At the end he told me that he really wanted to put that you couldn't live with Jesus if you do drugs. How cute is that. :D

I was so proud of what I got done today. I felt like I had really accomplished something. I went through rubbermaid boxes in the garage of kids clothes and maternity clothes. I made piles and actually freed up some containers to be put to use somewhere else. I have a huge trash bag full of maternity clothes/2-3 yr. old boy clothes for my sister, Marilyn. I can't wait for her to have them and they be off my hands. I made another bag of clothes for a friends little boy and gave them to her. I have made more room in the garage which makes me happy. I can't wait for Marilyn to have her baby so that I can get rid of my double stroller and more baby clothes. I cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed out the truck. I have stayed on top of the laundry and so I am feeling good. I have this itch to get rid of stuff. I am sick of seeing stuff everywhere. I love the simple life.

I just got a call tonight telling me that MItch and Casey are on the same team for baseball this season. That was my request. The boys wanted to be on the same team and so I am happy. That means an easy season for us this year. YEAH!!! :D They are on the Dodgers which will be really fun for them. There are 2 boys that I know so far that are on their team from last year. This will be fun. I am getting excited for baseball to start. I love watching their games. The boys were doing cartwheels about it when I told them.

I'm wiped out tonight. The almost 3 hours of catch up homework with Casey this afternoon has pretty much exhausted me. I can't even explain how it goes. It just isn't a walk in the park. I better go do a few more things around the house before I hit the sack and while Todd is away at meetings. I will have pictures next time. There is no time to download pics.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Eve....

I can't believe it has really been over a week since I posted last. There is enough that goes on to keep me off of the computer for sure.

The kids were working on Valentines today. Casey and Emily finished there's last week which made today a bit easier on me. Mitch still needed to do his and so he whipped them out. There were leftovers so Emily and Casey were loving the fact that they get more candy. :D I have to say...the valentines that are boxes of candy or packages of candy that have a space for the child to write the names to/from on the outside are so great. It made valentine making so much easier this year. I have been busy mentally with the kids Valentine's day parties tomorrow. I am always involved with 3 parties to remember things for. Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way but it makes for a busy few days leading up to it making sure I have everything that I agreed to bring ready. I went the easy route for Emily's class and put my name down for plates and napkins. She had fun picking out the festive heart plates and napkins for her party. Casey's was easy too. The room mom asked for any donations...she is bringing in donuts and hot chocolate with whipped cream for the party. His party is first thing in the morning so donuts are perfect. Too bad I can't make it since I have to take Emily to preschool. I'm not sure what Mitty's class is doing. I have been slashed off of the list of helping ever since Ellie had fits at the last party and refused to stop screaming in the classroom. Oh well, life with little ones. I have looked at it like they are helping me out and understand how rough it can be to have 3 kids with parties always at the same time, same day so they stopped telling me or asking me to bring anything.

I have sugar cookie dough chilling as I write. The kids are going to roll out the dough and frost the heart cookies. I may try and do some chocolate dipped cookies. Ellie is down for her nap so we are good to go. We are going to make some valentine notes for each one in the family. They thought that sounded fun. Now, where do I get all of the energy to do all of this?? I am sleepy. ****THIS IS FOR MY MOM**** I got back out this morning and bit the bullet. The street was free and clear of anyone lurking. At least for this morning :D

A little bit of new info in my life. I was just called to be the Valiant 9/10 primary teacher. Mitch and 2 other boys are in that class this year. It is a good group. I'm excited and really want to make a difference for these boys. Their lessons are out of the Book of Mormon this year. It is so great and will help me so much in my own reading. I'm slacking on my 97 day challenge but I am reading so that is a bonus! These lessons aren't something that I will be able to just throw together right before church. I hope I can be a good example to these boys and teach them something. My time is up. I can't use all of my free time on the computer....darn it. :D

I am so proud of myself. I told myself in January that I wanted to be better at sending cards to family for b'days and occassions this year. I always say that I will and then I don't stay on top of it. I am 3 for 3 so far. I sent b'day cards to my brothers in January and one to my sister today (her b'day is on Monday). That is impressive for me. I even have the b'day card for my sister whose b'day is in March.

Time to get the dough rolled out and to think about dinner. Ugh!! I wish something was cooking in a crock pot right about now.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Any Ideas???/Happenings this week

I need some ideas for a 40th b'day. Todd turns 40 this April and I'm trying to get some ideas of something to surprise him with. My sister and I have gone over many ideas already. I just thought I would throw it out and see if any of you have some other ideas. He has said how he does not want a party. I told him that we were doing something. I'm fine with just the two of us getting away and celebrating also. I'm trying to keep it a surprise but who knows how that will pan out. If any of you have some great ideas, please leave them in your comment or email them to me.

On another note....I feel like I am constantly working around the house, making food for children, folding clothes, needing to clean something here or there, getting a snack, getting a drink, needing to water the plants, need to organize a stack of a million papers (kids school papers), need to read my scriptures, need to have a prayer....ALONE :D I guess I feel all of these things because that is what is going on right now. I am busy, busy, busy with so many different things. There is never a dull moment of down time around here until late into the night. I am not complaining just voicing my days.

We have been working on school projects, valentines for each child's class, and homework these last two days. It is always fun to get out the valentines and watch the kids sign there names on each one. I loved the Valentine's party at school as a child. It was so exciting to see what boy gave the heart candy with the cute saying on it to you. Maybe I'm alone on this one but I doubt it. :D I am lacking in my Valentine spirit this year. I haven't done much with decorating or getting the valentine's candy out in the dish. I guess because putting candy out with my children means you would need a bag for each day to keep some in the dish. The kids eat too much if I put it out. Ellie has even picked up on the goodie corner in our kitchen. She goes to the right corner of the kitchen, reaches upward and says "cookie". She is right because they are directly above her in the cupboard. She isn't dumb!

Mitch was home today with a sore throat/headache. I had a slight feeling he was pulling my leg but what do you do. He was really acting like he felt bad this morning. I kept telling him to go to school and call me later if it didn't go away. I gave him some postum this morning in hopes that the warm drink would help it to feel better enough to get him to school. You know how sometimes your throat is scratchy in the morning but give it an hour or two and it's fine. Anyway, he grumbled a bit today when we had to go back and forth to take Emily to school and then pick her up, go and vote and then go back and pick up Casey. I told made the choice to stay are now on my schedule. You are along for the ride today bud. He and Emily kept each other company and watched some movies. The funny thing came when we picked Casey up from school. As we pulled into the garage, Mitch said, "Mom, my throat is all better. My head doesn't hurt either." How convenient Mitty! I told him that he still wasn't going to be playing outside and that he was missing Scouts tonight. He came in and decided to put on his jammies again. That little stinker! I knew I was being had. Oh well, my kids never miss school.

I have taken on the Hinckley Challenge of reading the Book of Mormon in 97 days. I needed that boost to get me back into it. I amazingly was able to stay awake last night at 11:45 to read my first 5 pages. I'm off to read another 5. It feels good to be gung ho about it again.

My mom said that she may be coming up this weekend. I love that kind of news. The kids get so excited about grandma coming too. It will be fun. I'm ready for a Wii tournament. :D

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Storm is Back/Random Happenings

This was my view from the back yard yesterday at some point. The storm is back and it rained through the night and is wet and cold this morning. I can't wait for Spring to show it's face. :D I love the rain but also love to see some sunny, blue skies. There is something exciting about a dark sky like this....

Here are just some random pictures this week. I had to document Mitty's agenda for FHE last week. It was just so cute how he wrote it all up and followed it for our lesson. He did a great job!!

It was so great to have the kids helping with chores. They do a great job and it helps me so much. I love that about the kids getting older. Casey and Emily had great fun sorting out the darks and lights. Thanks guys!! I appreciate all of their help.

I love pictures of the kids from behind. It was so cute to see the two of them at the piano playing. Ellie loves to climb up and sit up there. She feels so big when she does it. The backpack is her new thing. She loves to wear it around and run to hear the sound it is making from the toys inside. Very cute. I can remember when each of the kids loved to wear that very backpack. We've had it around awhile.

Here is Ellie last Sunday. She is so into climbing up on any chair that is not occupied. She got up there turned around and sat down. She is so cute and fun. That was her second Sunday going into Nursery. She is doing pretty well. I was teaching Primary and so Todd took her in. He said she was good and didn't cry. :D Oh, how happy that makes us. We'll see how today goes. She has a bit of a runny nose so I'm sure I will be with her in the halls for the duration. She is good through Sacrament meeting but then needs to let some energy out. It is hard for me to sit with her through Sunday School right after sitting through Sacrament. It's been awhile since I have heard a Gospel Doctrine lesson. :D Oh well, this time of life never lasts very long. I am truly enjoying our last baby and the stages. Why rush, Sunday School will always be there. Ellie will only be little for such a short time. I learned very early on that going to church with the little ones is to show them the example of going. It is all a learning experience for them even at the young ages. I didn't expect to hear much or learn much and when I did it was a bonus!!

Last Tuesday night was Family Night at Doc Burnstien's for the kids school. It is always a fun night. The kids teachers scoop the ice cream and clean up tables for the evening. My kids love to see their friends and teachers there. It is fun for all. Todd is always up for any excuse to get ice cream. :D

Todd was home last Friday which was fun. He hasn't had a Friday off for the last month. (He gets every other Friday off but has had to work his last two, so it was nice to have him around.) We took the girls to Target and stocked up on some stuff. I bought the movie Goonies for the kids. My boys had never seen it and it was $7.50. They loved it!! They had a movie night with popcorn in my bed on Friday. All three of them under the covers with just their heads peeking out. It was pretty cute. We also took Emily to lunch. (She loves to go on little errands with us, especially lunch with dad.) Friday night was of course Todd going to pick up YC (frozen yogurt). Oh, we love that place. We were happy to have it two nights in a row. :D

Saturday (yesterday) Mitch had baseball tryouts for the Minor's. Is he really that old already?? I remember my brothers playing in the minors. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago. Todd took him along with Emily and Casey to the field. It was a 2 1/2 hour process and we'll see how it all turned out soon. Mitch loved it and I think he is really excited. Casey was invited to a b'day party at the bowling alley. Oh, how excited Casey has been to go to a party (one that is just for him to attend). He had a great time and brought home some fun prizes. It was really neat that the boy whose party it was decided he wanted to give all of the presents to needy children and so we didn't have to wrap up a gift. It was kind of nice not having to worry about that. It was nice for so many kids to see another boy do that with his presents. What a good example. I loved talkiing about it with Casey.

Did I mention how nice it was that Todd did all of the running around with the kids yesterday. He took them to the field and then took the boys to get haircuts and then took Casey to his party and picked him up and picked up our yogurt. I loved hanging around the house with just Ellie. She napped and I ran the 6.5 miles that I said I would for President Hinckley on the treadmill in my front room. Did anyone see Kristi's blog on that? Very cute idea. I did laundry and vacuumed the entire house. It was nice to do it with all of the kids out of the way. :D It goes so much faster.

Todd helped with getting our papers organized yesterday. We shredded so many uncessary papers(old bills, etc.) I love when he gets into his organizing kick. He makes such a difference and we love it after it's all said and done. Thanks!!

Now we are back to Sunday. It's raining and cold. It's so nice to have a day that I know I am not going anywhere other than church. It's such a needed break during the week. I better get going to get things ready for the day. It's a process to have this group ready even for 1:00 church.