Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm Still Here....Reading More Than I Am Writing :D

Why do I pick such a busy time to sit down and try to write. Just a quick update. Pictures will have to come later....

I'm on a 14 day cycle of writing now. It is hard to justify the time spent on here when I have clothes starring at me to be folded. I always tell myself that there will always be clothes so why not take a few minutes and write down my thoughts or goings on. I am always on schedule mode. It can be a bit crazy in this head of mine. I am always trying to get as much done as I can while kids are in school, Ellie napping, Todd at meetings, kids in bed, etc. I never say ok that job is going to have to wait until tomorrow so that I can sit down and write some thoughts here. I feel like blogging/journaling is something for me to do after all of my work is done. The truth is that my work is never done. My work could go on 24/7.

I have been trying to play a bit more with the kids in any spare time. Memory game is always what Emily likes to play when Ellie goes to sleep. I played catch with Mitty, Casey and Emily today after school for an hour. It was fun. I kind of can't wait until we can do it again tomorrow after school. I had fun and it was fun to see the kids loving it too. Mitch kept saying with a smile, "Mom, we are doing a family activity." I am so happy that they all really love each other and get along. I love that they want to do family activities. It makes me feel like I am doing something right. I am truly blessed for sure. I have good kids and am so thankful for that.

I took Emily and Ellie down to the beach this morning after we dropped off the boys and let them run around on the sand. We were only there about 20 minutes. It was so and a bit windy but sunny and beautiful!! The air is so clear, the water so blue and the sand is so soft. The girls were climbing different sand hills. I love that the beach is under 4 miles from my house and the parking is so ideal. I park literally next to the sand and just walk on. There were so many walkers/joggers and older folk out walking on the packed sand. I would love to do that some time. The girls had fun and so did I! I am definitely going to do it more often. Why does it take 2 years to see how fun something can be? I guess really what it is is that Ellie and Emily are older and it's easier to do these type of activities. Ellie loved it!! We saw horses out on the water even. Too cool.

Ellie is tugging at me and needing dinner I guess. Just a quick check in. That is about all I ever have time for.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blogging Slump.....Too busy to write

I can't even begin to go back and document the last 18 days. It would take too much time. I think that is what has kept me from writing. There is too much to write and I would rather read every one elses blogs than to write on my own. I better bite the bullet and document some of the activities we have done....

**Todd turned the big 4-0 on the 2nd of April. We didn't do anything big. He wants to combine it with our 10th anniversary this year and do something special. His dept. at work took him to CPK for lunch and then we did dinner. We got him a special cake that was delish. I still remember my dad's surprise 40th b'day. It's strange to think that my husband is already there. I am happy to say I am 7 years behind him. :D I'm not rubbing it in. Todd is so not bothered by age. I love that about him.

**Baseball games officially started on the 5th of April. I has so happy to get the schedule and see that we only have 4 games on Saturdays out of 16 games. I love having our Saturdays to do what we want as a family. The boys are having fun being on the same team and it is so nice for me as well. 2 games a week and the practices are 30 minutes before the game. I love this coach.

**Mom came into town on the 3rd and stayed for about 5-6 days. It is nice having mom around. She did my feet with lotion and scratched my back...I think every night. I love that. The kids love having her here too. She watched the kids on that Saturday evening while Todd and I attended an awards night for his company in Santa Barbara. We did get to do a little shopping/exchange items at Nordstrom while in Santa Barbara. I was reminded of how nice Santa Barbara is. I could live there for sure. We enjoyed mom's stay and are excited for the next visit. Ellie is so cute with her blanket. (She is the only one of my children who have really been attached to a "blankie".) She will get that blanket at any time of the day and just have to curl up in it or be held with it. I have to admire that she just likes to be comfy. She would get it and bring it to my mom. I found she and my mom most often like this. :D Very cute and just what Grandma's should do...hold and rock. :D

**Mom came with me to get my hair done. I was wanting to go drastic. I was in desperate need of a makeover. I didn't go as drastic as I had been thinking but did cut a bunch off and am so happy with it. I really can't let it get any longer than this. It has been so easy to do. That is what I was aiming for. I couldn't stand for another day to have my hair up in a ponytail because it takes to long to do. I am happy and could go a bit shorter. Probably next time! :D

**I have had sick kids off and on also during these last couple of weeks. Ellie had to run the course of the runny nose and bad cough. Casey has a recurring cough at night that has gone on for some time. We were at the doctor today for it. He came home from school yesterday and is face was so flushed (not uncommon for Casey) but he just didn't look well. His eyes were droopy and red and just looked like he was dying to go to sleep. He told me that he had coughed a lot and sneezed during the day. He also complained of his right leg hurting him when he walked. I was thinking maybe this is the flu but why not achy all over...hmmm. He fell asleep early..7:20 and then had a slight fever in the night. I could hear him moaning a bit in his sleep. Poor guy. It took me back to the days of living as youngsters with my brother Danny. He was the king of sounds/moans, coughs and colds that lasted 6 months. I called the dr. this morning and got him in at 11:00. He told me that it sounded like he has allergies because he really only has these gosh awful sounding cough attacks at night in his room. I stripped his bed this morning, got rid of the pillows and am on doctors orders to dust his room with a wet cloth, remove all books, stuffed animals and small toys out of his room. He is going to take an allergy medication to see if it will help as well. I can't tell you how excited I am to maybe think that he will not be coughing so badly at night. I won't know if it is the new pillows, new mattresses that we are getting or if the medicine is the answer. He has a different pillow tonight, freshly washed sheets, freshly washed comforter and he hasn't coughed for 3 hours. This is a break through for sure. It makes me so happy to see him sleeping peacefully. :D His leg on the other hand seems to have an infection in his hip joint which is caused by a virus. That must have been the fever in the night last night. He says it hurts to turn it. The dr. called it toxic synovitis. It should be gone within 7 days. The dr. told Casey to just rest and take it easy this weekend. Poor Caser boy. He is a good sport and can act so grown up about all of this. It gives me a glimpse of what he will be like in his adult years. He is a sweet boy and I have really enjoyed spending time with him alone. He is so different alone vs. when he and Mitty are together. He talks so much and tells me so many things. He is so cute about his observations about anything and anyone.

**Emily has had the same cough again this week. I kept her home from school on Tuesday and she missed dance on Wed. It has been crazy trying to keep everyone well.

**All of this and throw in Scouts, pack meetings and yard duties is what we have been up to around here.

I have been trying to spice up the meals around here or just do something different. One night this week I made pizza dough from scratch and let the kids build their own pizzas. They loved it and the dough was good!! I love I find a bunch of good ones on that site. I made chili last night and wanted to do something different instead of serve it with tortilla chips or french bread. I made bread bowls and served the chili in it. The bread was a knock out and very fun to do. The kids and Todd loved it. I loved doing and seeing something different. It took me 3 hours in the kitchen from start to finish but worth it. The recipe for the bread bowls is on and very good. It was fun for me. I love to bake new recipes!!

This has turned out to be much longer than I had wanted it to but that is what happens when you don't write anything for weeks. I am off to bed. I am struggling with hardly a voice and a scratchy throat. I need the rest. Hopefully, I will post more often. I like to read everyone's more than I want to sit and write.