Monday, June 30, 2008

SWIM LESSONS HAVE BEGUN :D/Summer activities

I know it has been forever since I last posted. It is just too busy around here keeping up with all of my responsibilities to sit down and post here on the blog. I don't think I can go back and play catch up. Too many things to write about. I'm starting fresh.

The kids started swim lessons today and were so excited to go. I love that. It has been awhile since we were last in a pool. The kids did great. Mitch was complaining a bit afterward how tired he felt. He is in level 5 which has the kids swimming massive amounts of laps across the pool. Oh, it's good for him. Casey did great and Emily of course was a fish loving to be there. It was so fun to see them all up a level from last summer. I love to see improvement. I think what it really makes me feel is that these little kids are getting older. AhHhhhhh! For me, having 4 children close in age and all little at the same time, really appreciate the moments when I see/feel the children getting older and more independent. The sun came out and it was beautiful for their lesson. It stays foggy for most of the mornings here in the summer. I am excited for the next two weeks. Ellie was good for me at the pool which made it very nice. It was nice that Emily knows the 3 other children in her class and Casey has a few that he knows and Mitch has a few that he knows. That is what I love about small town stuff. I hope Mitch has a better attitude about swimming in the morning.

I'm off to make some bread. I made a couple of loaves of Honey Wheat bread last week and they turned out great. I love making bread.( No bread machine....all by the sweat of my brow. :D haha) I told the kids I would make some white bread so we'll see how it turns out.

Emily broke the arm of her glasses on Saturday night and so now I'm in a desperate rush to get her new glasses so that we will have them by the time we leave on our trip (10 days and counting). We are going to pick some out tomorrow. She is so excited.

Some other news is that we planted some veggies and made a little garden last week. I am so excited. Todd and I are so excited to see anything grow that we are out there every evening inspecting the plants for new growth. We planted green onions, serrano chili peppers, fresno chili, squash, cucumbers, 3 tomato plants, oregano, rosemary, and basil. I am in heaven with our garden. We have most of them in containers and the bigger plants (squash and cucumbers) in the ground. The oranges on our tree are getting bigger. It's so fun to watch. I can't wait to pick fruit and veggies in my own backyard and eat them.

I hope to post more often but no promises can be made on that.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Day of School/Preschool Graduation/Father's Day/Summer

I started this post days ago. Let's see if I can really get it finished and posted... :D
Ahhhhhhhhhh!! We made it through the week. It was busy but manageable. Here is a pic of Mitty and Casey on their last day. I need to go back and look up their first day picture. Casey was being funny and then all smiles. He is a character that keeps this bunch on their toes.

The boys have had a fun last playing in the classroom, ice cream sundae party, pancake making party, auction (buy different items with money that they have earned in the last few months), watch the teachers/6th graders play softball, get their yearbooks, awards assembly, pizza party today, etc.

I went to the awards assembly to see MItty get a certificate for PE. He loves PE. It's too bad that the kids only have PE on 2 days out of the week. I remember having it everyday. :D You hear so much about childhood obesity....why do they cut out PE? It boggles my mind. It was a cute assembly. Ellie was all over me and fussing almost the entire time.

Emily's graduation was very cute and fun. She wore a cap and got her preschool diploma. We had a light lunch afterwards there at the school which is always fun to sit and chat with friends. The kids played on the playground and ran around. I really can't believe that Emily will be going to Kindergarten in the fall (2 months). This year went faster than I ever thought it would. Ellie is going to be 2 in about 3 weeks. That is just crazy. Emily is excited to be moving on. She had her shots last week and then asked on the way out if we were going to kindergarten now. She can't wait! She did great with her shots. I had no idea she needed 3 separate shots. OUCH. She didn't even shed one tear. Brave girl!

We finished the school year and celebrated by taking the kids to Yogurt Creations. They were happy and it seemed the thing to do because just as we were leaving so many kids from school were arriving.

Closing ceremonies for baseball were on Saturday and so we celebrated with their team at the park. It was so dang cold. Our weather is strange. We mingled with the other parents, kids played on the playground, the boys got their trophies, everyone ate pizza, chips and cupcakes, and we called it a year. The boys had a great year! Casey just told me the other day that he wishes they could have a 100 more games to play. He is cute. He was really rolling by the end of the season. He was doing really well. I had fun taking the girls to the games and watching them play. It turned out to be a fun season with great parents and a good coach. Go Dodgers!!!!


Father's Day turned out to be a nice day. I got up with the kids and made Todd breakfast. The boys wanted to make coffee cake and Emily wanted to give dad sausage so that is what we did. I threw in some cantaloupe and grapes which the boys put together. It is so nice to have the older ones help with real tasks. Mitch and Casey put the cantaloupe and grapes together. They had a blast. Here are some photos that they took.. They must have felt real proud of their fruit bowl to take a picture of it on the table.

Todd was free of any meetings and so he was home all morning. It is nice having him around on a Sunday. It's been a couple of years now that he has been gone most Sundays. He wanted lasagna for dinner and so he got to make his own sauce. Don't worry...he loves to do that kind of work. Veggie lasagna no less. Can you believe it?? Maybe I'm rubbing off on him just a tad. ha ha . :D I put it all together once we got home from church and threw a nice salad with gorgonzola cheese together. It was tasty. I pretty much drank 2 cups of the sauce. I love a good veggie red sauce. Todd knows just what to add to make it delish!

The kids gave him all of their, key chains, clips and cards. He got a new pair of shoes from me. Of course, no picture but much better than what he was wearing. AHhhhhhh!

I am so thankful for Todd and the kind of father he is to our children. He plays and makes time for each one. He cares about them, wants the world for them, wants them to be happy, and loves them so much. He teaches them, helps them, reads to them, kisses and hugs them, etc. He shows it in many ways and the kids know it. They know that dad puts them and myself before other things. I'm so grateful for that.

Now, we are currently into the 3rd day of summer and it's going fine. I bombed Monday telling them that I would take them to the library and the library is closed on Mondays. Bummer. We did the library on Tuesday and the kids picked out many books and movies. Mitch was excited to use "his" card. Very fun for them. We stocked up on some really cool educational videos that the boys were familiar with from school. They are very interesting. Mitch is so into the TV show Most Extreme on Discovery or Animal Planet. He told me today while we were sitting on the beach that our toothpaste comes from kelp. Thanks for that.

I took the kids to the beach today. I knew it was a beach day when it was 60 degrees at 5:30 in the morning. It reached 102 at Avila beach today where we enjoyed ourselves. I found a great part of the beach that isn't packed, parking is free, easy and right next to the sand. It's 15 miles from our door step and takes 15 minutes. Does it get any better? Ellie had a good time. She is the best. She did take a short nap while we were there which helped. Mitty, Casey and Emily played for 3 hours in the water. They absolutely loved it. I wish I was going back tomorrow but our skin color is a bit pink tonight. I missed a few spots on Mitty and my body is a bit red. Not bad at all but definitely needs a day of rest from the sun. As we drove home the temp went down but not much. My car was reading 95 degrees here at 3:00. It was one of the warmest days since we have been here. I hate it when the bedrooms just won't cool down. We don't have AC which we don't need but for these few times throughout the year. I'm so mad that I didn't bring my camera of all things. I was so prepared to leave early with everything in the car, lunches made, snacks, fruit, drinks, licorice, chairs, towels, you name it except the darn camera. The boys were happy with our beach day and so now what next. Ayyyy.

Here are just some random shots. They are too cute of Ellie in her flip flops. She will wear them any way that she can just to have them on her feet. She hangs on the bread board and many other things just to swing. She is strong. I love her in my flip flops. She is a fun little girl. She has a lot of personaltiy and a lot of pistol in her. :D She and Emily will be quite a twosome. I am scared already.

I'm not sure how well next week will go but it's a change having them all home every day all day. There is no break. UGH.

So sorry to make this post so long but that is what happens when I wait 9 days to post.

Monday, June 09, 2008

I Made It Through Last Week... Now, I'm On to the Last Week of School :D

I made it through my busy week. I really started feeling better on Friday and was able to go out for a run. I hate not being able to exercise. I really have to feel crappy to not get out and exercise.

Friday was the boys last baseball game. I can't believe how fast the season went. It was really nice having the boys on the same team. They enjoyed it and had a good time. Casey really improved by the end which is so fun to see. I think it was hard for the coach to throw the right pitches since Casey is so short. The balls would be so high and Casey would try at everything. For the last few weeks, Casey really was hitting well and running fast. Mitch did really well also and I saw much improvement from last year to this. He is a great hitter and fielder. He really had his head in the game. :D He will be on to the minors next year. He is excited. It was a great season! Go Dodgers! Closing ceremonies will be this Saturday.

Friday was also Mitty's pack meeting immediately after his game at the park. It was really fun. They had set up a bunch of obstacle courses for the kids to do in stations. The kids all looked like they had a great time. The hit was swinging over a pool of water. Mitty got so wet..of course on purpose. Casey followed suit along with many others. It was a great time for the family.

Mitch had his last class party with the parents on Friday as well. It was a Hawaiian theme party and so I brought cupcakes with coconut frosting. They were a hit and so easy. Everyone should try it. 6tbsp. butter, 4 c. powdered sugar, 1/2 tsp. vanilla, 1/2 tsp. coconut flavoring and 1/4 c. milk. I added flaked coconut to the top of each cupcake. Todd said they were really good. I left the ones for the kids plain (no coconut on top). The kids did the hula for the parents, sang songs, read facts about Hawaii and made us parents shed a tear. At least I did. The teacher had the kids sing us parents a song telling us how wonderful we are. I always get a bit sad at the end of the school year. I really can't believe it is over. It has been a good year. No issues that were too hard to get over. The boys are good students and I feel blessed.

Saturday was Casey's birthday party at the bowling alley. Wow! I think 15 kids was too many for at the bowling alley but we all had fun. I think the kids enjoyed it. Casey loved every minute of it. We had veggies/dip, rice krispy treats, licorice, bubble gum, cheetos, hot dogs/hamburgers and drinks. Casey loved his Spiderman cake. Vons did a great job. This was Casey's first "real" party. I didn't mind spending the money on him. To top off the day, I had a parking ticket on my car. Oh bummer! I was so excited when I got the spot because it was right in front of the bowling alley. This is down in Pismo beach by the pier which = crowded and many cars on a hot, sunny Saturday. You can imagine how elated I was when this spot opened up just as I pulled down the aisle. I never saw the sign that said "Paid Parking". There was no meter in front of me. Todd told me that they just passed an ordinance to have paid parking down there. Hells bells. $40.00 later, I was a bit ticked off. At least it wasn't far for me to carry my gigantic bag, cake, balloons, etc. It was a great time with his friends. I am so blessed to have such nice friends who stayed and helped with the kids and helped me organize this bunch. Fun times.

Todd and the kids all seem to have come down with this same nasty cold yesterday. Ellie started on Saturday with a runny nose, Todd was yesterday and Emily has a bit of it herself. Mitch seemed to have a headache and his stomach was bothering him yesterday. We went to church and then I ended up taking MItch and Ellie home after Sacrament. It worked out great that nobody in my class was there except for Mitty and so leaving was no big deal. I gave Mitty my lesson at home. I hate preparing it and then not giving it to someone. I love preparing my lessons because I learn so much!! My headache was in full swing yesterday. I could feel my face starting to hurt during Sacrament. UGH! The bishop told Todd that I looked pretty tired at church and that I was a real trooper. Todd took some sinus medication and he was asleep on the stand. He said he gave up fighting the drowsiness and went to sleep. Oh dear.

Today I felt good to get up and workout. Todd was not doing so well. We are going through kleenex like crazy. Casey is off on his fieldtrip to the lake to go on an insect hunt/picnic lunch. He was so excited to go. He said that he just loves to ride on a bus. Emily has to get shots today to catch her all up to date to start Kindergarten. We will go get a treat after which is always fun for her.

I took some pictures of the roses that are in bloom this morning. It looks so beautiful when the sun is first hitting them. I appreciate beautiful flowers to look at out of my windows. I have enjoyed watching them grow and now bloom with such beautiful colors.

This weeks assignments....

Emily's dr. appt. today
Costco today
Make a finger food for tomorrow
Preschool Graduation
Mitch's Award Assembly
Closing ceremonies
Last day of School/treats or gifts for teachers
Father's day this weekend :D

The list doesn't seem so crazy this week. Our summer schedule is about to begin. Our summer schedule seems as busy as we are throughout the year. It will give the kids stuff to look forward to and stay busy with. I'm off to do some clean up around the house and get Emily ready to go.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sick Today....Ugh

My throat started hurting so badly last night. I can honestly say that my throat has never hurt this badly. It is awful! The night was a bit rough but I did sleep. I woke up to my head pounding and my face is throbbing a bit. All around my teeth hurt. I hate this!!!!! Thankfully, I had a new package of Benadryl Cold which says it helps with sore throat, sinus congestion....the whole bit. My ears are driving me crazy as well. They keep plugging up. As you can tell, I hate to be sick. I have told myself that I am not doing anything today. Can I really do it? I am looking at so many things that I have to do between now and Saturday. Here is my list.....

Bake cookies for Emily's class tomorrow
Boys baseball game this evening
Boys baseball game on Friday evening
Mitty's Pack Meeting immediately following Friday's game
Family Party at Mitty's class on Friday afternoon (Need to make a hawaiian dessert for 15 people)
Casey's bowling party with 10 kids coming so far on Saturday
Need to get a cake ordered for the party
Need to put together goodie bags for party (Do I have to give out goodie bags if I'm providing these kids with lunch, cake and 1 1/2 hours of bowling?) If so, any cute practical ideas?
A birthday party to go to on Thursday after school with all of the kids

My energy level is going down quickly as I read through what all I have to do. I can only hope that I magically get well over night. I could manage with the cold if the horrible headache/pressure in my face would go away.

I'm off to make lunches for the boys. This post isn't very uplifting but it's not such a good day for me.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Everything Post...Another Catch Up

So much has been happening and yet I don't sit down and write it all out. I read everyone else's blogs and then don't spend the time to write.

Memorial Day Weekend we headed north to finalize Todd's "problem" suit. I am hoping we settled the issue and won't have to mess with it again. He started over with a new suit completely. :D We enjoyed the many fruit shops that they have up there and got the best cherries and white nectarines. The kids and I devoured the cherries. :D We went to dinner at PF Changs and was so disappointed. It wasn't at all what I remember it being. It had been about 3-4 years since we had eaten there. I won't go back. The kids didn't enjoy the food either. We went out to breakfast at our standard spot...Brian's Restaurant. The kids love our little routine up there. After Brian's they always want to go next door and get hot chocolate at Starbucks. We shopped on Monday at the mall and the kids and Todd had to get a Haagen Dazs cone for an early b'day celebration for Casey. That was his request. Casey also was able to put the flag out at Nancy's house. The kids enjoyed that process and as you can see the girls just watched.

Nancy ended up being so sick on Monday and so that was a bit of a bummer. Thank goodness none of us got sick. :D Todd stresses on all of that.

We enjoyed having the missionaries over for dinner last week. The kids just thrive on it. Mitch and Casey dressed up in the missionaries shoes and had their own ties on and put the guys backpacks on. It was pretty cute. Why is it in the preparation that I catch myself saying I am not signing up for this again. I will gladly give them money and let them go eat what they would like. It always seems so hard with the kids and getting ready for them. Of course I will do it again many many times. That's just the way it goes.

We enjoyed a night out at the beach last week as well. The company Todd works for had a beach bonfire night. I love these little get together's with the families. It was nice weather and such a perfect spot. The fire was seriously the biggest bonfire I had experienced. It was just about too hot to sit and roast marshmallows. We managed and the kids enjoyed the tasty treats. They provided some sack races for the kids and adults (Todd participated :D), some other relay races, bowling on the sand, and dinner. It was a fun time and I realized that we need to do it more often. It's easier now that Ellie is older.

I am looking forward to school being out. With the gas prices the way they are I am done driving. Just 2 weeks ago the price was $3.98/gallon and now this morning it says $4.24/gallon. What is going on? I am really hating it! It cost's me $130 to fill up. Kids get on your bikes is going to be my new saying! :D I wish we could. I would walk more places but the little ones can't ride for too long. As Laurie said in her blog recently, a new way of thinking is definitely a must! I agree. All of the costs just add up so quickly.

Here are some cute pics I have to add of the girls. They play so cute together during the day. Ellie just loves playing dolls with Emily. She will carry the little doll carrier around with a baby in it. I saw her laying out a blanket flat and putting her little baby doll on it and then wrapping the blanket around the baby and carrying it around. Too cute! Emily is doing so well on her bike. She loves to ride it around and show me how she can do the brakes.

As for my sugar update. I have done really well. It has made a big difference for me. I have not had any night sweats for the last 2 weeks. I haven't measured but I can tell that I have lost inches and a couple of pounds by how my clothes fit. That is never a bad thing:D. It feels good to be in control of my eating. I know that I always feel better when I control the intake. It is so key to have tons of fruit/veggies available at your fingertips. When I want dessert, I just go eat some fruit. I will keep sticking to it since I know it has helped with the night sweats. The sugar doesn't do well with my body. When I say sugar I mean simple sugars. Everything converts to sugar but some foods faster than others. Those are the ones I have to keep my hands off of. I eat whole wheat toast/whole grains and if I wanted brown rice but no other types of breads. It works for me. I am happy with the change!

The kids are literally going crazy this morning. I can't even believe how loud they are. What did I feed them last night? :D Did someone raid the cookie jar? I better get them going in the right direction. Only 10 days left of school! I am excited for summer to start. We have many things planned so it should be fun filled.