Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy 5th B'day Miss Emily (the 17th)

I am way behind on posts. With school starting and fall sports in full swing, we have been very busy around this house.

A week ago Emily turned 5. Where does the time go? You would think she just turned 25 by some of the things she says. She definitely has an opinion and lets it be known. I wonder where she gets that?? Hmmmmmm. :D

We decorated with balloons and streamers in the house. Apparently, I had hung 4 streamers from her door which she quickly came and asked, "Why did you just hang 4 streamers up....I am 5, there should be 5 on my door." Excuse me little Miss, I wasn't even counting. She is so funny sometimes. She is very quick with comebacks and can have us laughing so hard.

Last Thursday, she didn't want to go to soccer. She said she didn't really like running all over with a ball. I told her that we had signed her up because she wanted to play so lets go have a good time. She replied with, "Well, can't you just sign me down?" I was cracking up. It was so cute and so realistic in her mind to just sign her down and she's off the hook. :D She ended up changing her mind and said she wanted to go. She has fun once she is there.

A couple of days ago she said, "Mom, I just want to have a baby in my tummy right now. I just want to be a mom." I thought that was so cute. I was painting her nails on her b'day and she asked, "Mom, am I going to have girls when I'm a mom?" She said she wants to paint her girls nails and make tacos for them for dinner. It's really cute to see her thinking so much about being a mom. It's just natural for girls to have those mother instincts. :D

For her b'day she chose to have me make her a strawberry cake. She added the candles and Mitty lit the candles. It was a family affair. :D She picked for us to go to Taco Loco for her b'day dinner. She loves that place. She orderd her standard steak taco, rice and beans. She was happy. I think all of the kids ordered that.

She requested chocolate chip cookies for her class. This house is always happy to make a batch of cookies. :D

After school I painted her fingers and toes with her new nail polish. It was so cute when Casey walked in he saw her cookie sitting on the table by her and asked if she wanted him to feed it to her. He could see that her nails were wet and she couldn't do it. I loved that and had to get a picture of it. So sweet!! I have to add another sweet thing that Casey school he earns tickets for doing good things in class or for getting 100% on spelling tests. He earned 5 tickets which meant he got to pick out a prize out of the prize box. It was on Emily's b'day and he turned in his tickets for a pink head band for Emily. He said he knew she would just love it. And she does! I thought that was the best. As a mother, those moments make all that I have done to teach my children worth every hard moment.

I think she had a fun day. Mission Accomplished!! I didn't hear any complaints so I guess it was up to her standards. :D haha

Emily is such a fun little girl. She loves her family and loves to play with her brothers and sister. She loves kindergarten! She is so independent it's scary. Sometimes I really wonder if there is anything this girl can't do. She is so capable and loves to help. I appreciate all of her little hugs and squeezes throughout the day. I love to lay down with her each night and have her tell me things. We sing songs and then hug and kiss goodnight. She is so obedient when it comes to going to sleep. She loves to tease Ellie at times but boy howdy Ellie gets her back. She is a sweet daughter and I can't imagine our family without her. I love her little sweet face with her precious glasses and her beautiful curly brown hair. I love you Em Em!!

She told me the other day that a boy on the bus said that she was ugly with her glasses off. I thought to that really starting up already in kindergarten? I had to tell her that what he was probably thinking is that she looks different with her glasses off. Poor girl. I don't want the "4 eyes" comments that are bound to be heard at some point to haunt her.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mitch's First Football Game

Isn't he so cute??!! I think all of the boys are just too cute out there on the field. I love how at certain times during the game, the coaches will tell them to lock up. Which means they hold hands. When they walk out for the coin toss, all 4 boys hold hands. It's a fun sport. I have really enjoyed watching the kids play. They won their first game last Saturday 12-0. Mitch plays center and is having fun. I chalked up our windows with Go Eagles for their game and Mitch thought that was awesome. As I was painting the windows, I was flooded with Cheer memories of making posters for the game and at school back in high school. I had fun. I had Go Ghostriders on one side for Casey and Go Eagles on the other with their # on it. The kids had smiles from ear to ear to see their team name and # on the car. Casey scored 2 goals on Saturday as well. This is all I have time for.....gotta run. The afternoon taxi is about to start. We'll be back in and done with running around at 7:15.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Random Post/Ran 47.5 Miles/First Week of School

We loved the first week of school. No complaints from anyone. :D They have all wanted to go back. Phew!!! To start, Emily is loving Kindergarten. By her attitude and her matter of fact way, you would think she is running her own household. She could do it! I have no worries about this girl. She loves the bus and is so grown up about it. The neighbor boy is in her class at school and the oldest in his family and he cried all week getting on the bus. His mom had to meet him at the school a couple of times. Today, his mom asked if Emily would walk with him to class. I made my boys aware of the situation and asked that they walk him to the class with Emily. They did so I hope the neighbor boy will want to get on tomorrow. It's hard to be 5.

The bus is the best thing that has happened around here. I am so glad there haven't been any problems or issues that I'm aware of. Mitch and Casey are both loving their classrooms. I couldn't ask for more. Only Mitch had homework last week so we'll see how this week goes with both boys bringing home homework.

The long weekend was great. My sister Barbie and her husband came up and stayed a couple of nights. I have seen her twice in one month now. I love it. We BBQ'd and enjoyed some good food. We, of course, hit YC for a perfect treat to top off any day. We loaded up on the goods. :D They left Monday morning early to avoid any holiday traffic. They were good and didn't hit a bit of traffic. Ahhh! We went down to Santa Barbara to exchange some shoes at the mall. It was fun but somewhat crazy with 4 kids at a mall. It was a quick trip but nice to have the kids tennis shoes squared away.

I can't express how much I love the fact that I don't have to worry about the time during the day and if I'm late to pick up the boys from school. It's wonderful because I can lay Ellie down and not have to worry about waking her up to pick them up. The beauties of kids getting older. :D

I was on a real kick this last week. I realized today that in one week, I logged 47.7 miles on my own two feet running different routes around town. I amazed myself on Saturday and ran 8.5 miles. It felt good to do it. I am wanting to do a 1/2 marathon or even a 10k sometime soon. I better go....the boys should be walking in any minute. :D I'm so glad we are off to a great start at school. I couldn't ask for more.