Sunday, December 07, 2008

My New Church Calling......

PRIMARY PRESIDENT.....Am I really qualified for this? Today was my first day in charge..I'll just say I wore many hats. :D I don't mind, it's good for me. I just look at it all as a huge learning experience and testimony builder. How can that be so bad? I am excited. The primary children are so special. They are the greatest. These are our future leaders!! I am excited to do so many of the things I learned in Primary as a child. I feel that I grew up in a wonderful stake with excellent leadership. I lived in a ward for 6 years before moving to where I am now that had such strong members and unbelievable leaders. It was a great place to learn how to be a leader. I love the ward I am in now. I told Todd the other day that I would have the hardest time leaving this ward if we had to move. I wasn't saying that when I first moved here. It's funny how attitudes change. I love the people in my ward, I love that they are "real" people. It has been a great experience living here. I look forward to many more wonderful experiences.

My thoughts today after I got home was that I am so happy to be serving the Lord and doing what I know is right. This is where He wants me to be right now for whatever reason. I feel touched that I was called out of inspiration to be the President. I have been in tears most of today. It is so wonderful to know that my Heavenly Father trusts me enough and my abilities to carry out the responsibilities of teaching the little children. I am thankful for the gospel and the happiness that it brings to my family. It makes me so happy to have so much service going on in my house for my children to witness as they watch their dad serve in the bishopric and me serve in the primary. I know my family is blessed by me accepting the call to serve. I sure hope I can come up to the call and fulfill my responsibilities. It's been a wonderful day. I am blessed to have Todd who supports me so much. I am so grateful for the priesthood in my home. It was so awesome being set apart today and just feeling the power of the priesthood in three great leaders of our ward(nice having one be my husband). The power of the priesthood is such an amazing thing. What comfort it brings. It is such a safe feeling being around such wonderful priesthood holders who honor their priesthood. I couldn't ask for anything more. Is there really anything better? Thanks Todd for being a wonderful example to your peers and to your family (children). You are a wonderful dad and husband. Love you!!