Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeling A Bit Sluggish Today

Just a short post to note my feelings today. I feel very sluggish and tired today. I am going to try and take a walk with Ellie to spark any energy that may be in me. Todd and I did our workout last night and maybe I'm feeling the effects from that. I am enjoying working out together. It has been fun! I am having a hard time sticking to the way of eating the program suggests. I'm trying again today. I have to look at each new day as a chance to start again and do my very best. I'm now really trying hard to cut out the sugars.....I know again. I do better with less sugar. Especially at night while I'm sleeping. I hate to sweat so badly in the night and be miserable in wet sheets. I know it is because of the way that I eat. Why is it so hard?!!!!

Ellie just ran up to me and hugged me around the legs and kissed my leg. Does it get any better than that? I love that about her!!! She is so dang sweet and loves to be held still.

I'm hoping to get all of loads of laundry folded and put away today. It was foreign to my ears to hear Todd's mom tell me that she does 1-2 loads of laundry a week. Wow!!! I can't even imagine. I'm sure when it is like that for Todd and I that I will be wishing there were kids clothes for me to wash. I guess that is what Grandma is for. :) I better get back to work. I have one hour before Emily gets home. On your mark, get set, GO!! Let's see if I can finish it all up.

Monday, April 27, 2009

300th Post/It's Been A Good Kind of Busy Week

Last Tuesday my mom came to visit. Yeah!! It was fun having her up here. She hadn't been up since Thanksgiving so it was nice. We shopped a little, ate way too many goodies, watched boys baseball games, and she helped me with singing time in Primary. She made a valance for the girls room with pillows for their beds. She played with the kids and had Emily laughing most of the day yesterday. Emily constantly had hiccups from laughing. I love to hear her laugh. We had a surprise visit from Todd's mom and aunt on Thursday night. They came down to visit for a few days. It was nice to have so many helping hands. :) We all went to church yesterday and my mom helped me with singing time. Just another Sunday that I was wearing multiple hats!! :)

Friday, we went to Avila Barn and let the girls feed the animals and then shopped in the market and found so many good items....green grapes, blueberries, breads, fruit spreads, salsa's, strawberries, dish towels, fudge, watermelon, fresh basil, etc. It is so fun in there. Lots of cookbooks, baked items and cutsie decorations too.

Saturday we watched the boys play baseball and have fun on the field. That night my mom and I worked on singing time for Primary the next morning. We all went to church together and it was really nice. I loved that there was someone to watch the kids while I went to my meeting. It is really great to have family around. Grandma Carol and Nancy left last night after Todd made a great batch of Chicken Chili for dinner. He did a great job and we loved every bite. :)

This morning, I changed sheets and took the girls comforters to the laundromat. My mom and I headed to Wal-Mart for a few items and then came back to hang the valance. Cute Mom!!!! She did a great job and it looks so cute in there. The girls love it! I took Emily to the dentist for a cleaning today and all checked out just great. That was music to my hears. Ellie just loved the dentist and can't wait until it is her turn. She wants her teeth cleaned too.

This post is so jumbled but that is about how I feel today. I need to finish up the clothes and vacumming. I'm pretty much falling asleep right now on the computer. I better get my buns off of the chair and get them moving before I face plant onto the keyboard. I'm slepy today! Time to make dinner and finish u

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday!!

Today we have a birthday party to go to for our neighbors babysitter. She is turning 31 I think. She has planned a party with about 10 children for her b'day. She is so cute and so fun. Her theme is a garden party so the kids are going to plant their own plants in pots. She is making potstickers and I am making pb&j sandwiches for 15. It should be fun for everyone.

Spring break is coming to a close. It was a hard week for me. I love the freedom to come and go and not have to worry about schedules but I think I do better on a schedule. When I am forced to get up early, I do more and get going sooner. It has been nice to sleep in this week since I have been doing this new workout regimen...P90X. I should say both Todd and I are doing it. I think he has lost a couple of pounds this week. He really changed up his eating. He is doing really well! Me on the other hand, the scale hasn't changed. Oh well, I want to see inches change the most. I love the program and look forward to a new workout each day. I did Yoga last night for 1.5 hours. Oh boy, that is almost too slow for me. It is much harder than I ever imagined. All of the balancing is tough. The stretching is incredible though.

Yesterday was eventful....Ellie got hit in the head with a bat. It just about killed me. I can't stand to have those things happen. Emily was up to bat and Ellie came up too close. What kills me is that the boys who were pitching to her and could see Ellie getting closer didn't stop the game and move her. It got her right behind her ear. It just split the skin barely. The blood pretty much just stayed on the cut. She was fine thankfully and this morning is telling me that her owie is all better and not hurting. She then was trying to be so helpful and help me with laundry. She had me follow her to the washer so that she could show me how she helped. There was a big pile of the powder on the ground so I just knew what I was going to find. She went right to the dryer and opened the door..."see Mommy" She had put cupfuls of powder all over the clean, dry clothes. It was too cute. She had the right idea. How cute is that. All I could say was oh, thank you Ellie. Todd later told her to have Mommy help her when she wants to do laundry. :)

I'm off to get ready and make a boat load of sandwiches for the party this morning.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How Could I Forget to Document This......

On Sunday, Ellie kept telling us she needed to go poopers and holding her diaper in the back. So we ran her to the potty which we have been trying to get her to do for awhile now. She has been telling us when she goes for a long time now. She will stop with whatever she is doing and hold her diaper and say "eee-eeee" That is wee wee. I know that she is aware of what is going on. Anyway, Todd ran her back while I was finishing some dinner and she went on the potty. YEAH!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I mean I knew it was coming but going poopers is usually the latter to click with the little ones. We were excited and made a big deal about it. For the last two days she is constantly telling me and we are running her back to the potty but no success. She is so funny!! It's like stage fright once she hits the seat. After she goes in her diaper she wants a new diaper. Ayyy!! It's coming I know. The light is almost completely turned on. :) She is a big girl and such a sweet girl. She is always hugging us and giving kisses. i love it. She loves to have a bear, a Barbie dog, a bunny and now a tiny baby in her bed at night to sleep with. So cute. Emily wasn't like that at all. When Ellie wakes up in the morning and comes into our bed, she is carrying her blanket and all of those friends to come lay with us. It's so precious!!! She still loves to sing Christmas songs at night and can sing Popcorn Popping and hums How Firm A Foundation. She is something else. Quite a pistol!! I love her and am so grateful to have her as my daughter. Both she and Emily are sweet and loving and I am thankful for each of them.

Day 2 of Spring Break/Day 2 of P90X

It was another crazy day. The kids did seem to play ball outside and keep themselves busy for the most part. I did take the kids and a friend over to a park/field to let them practice ball and let the little ones play on the equipment. It was so dang windy/freezing. Thank goodness for the sun or else we would have been ice! I could only stay for an hour and that was pushing it.

We came home and Casey made a dessert all by himself...brownies with Strawberry frosting. They turned out to be delicious!! He served everyone a brownie after dinner tonight. Very cute. The kids were tuckered out and asleep by 8:20. I just wish that they would sleep in. They are up before 7am. Even if they go to bed late, they still wake up.

Todd and I are on day 2 of the P90X fitness program. It's awesome. I love it that we are doing it together. Having this to do together is my dream coming true. I have always wanted us to do workouts together or both be on the same mission...stay/get fit. We're doing it! Anyone interested... just let me know. Tomorrow is another busy day...BBQ lunch at Todd's office with the family, Costco, baseball practice and grocery shopping. It should be interesting and fun at the same time. Time for a shower and rest!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Pics will have to follow on the next post. I don't have them loaded onto the computer and I have to write when I can.

It was a busy/nice weekend. Todd's aunt Nancy came to visit on Saturday and we had lunch at CPK...just a plug for the grilled veggie salad. It is very tasty!! Anyway, me and some of the kids ran some errands that of course had to be done before Sunday. Todd & Nancy made the See's candy run which is always a staple around here for Easter. It was a busy day with errands and putting my church stuff together (sharing time). I thought it was going to be somewhat of a "break" day since we didn't have baseball games...wrong! There really is no day of rest around here. The kids baskets were done and the easter bunny hid them all. I have to say that I think most of the chocolate/candy was gone before 8am on Sunday when we had to leave for church.Crazy I know. They behaved really well at church but then were going crazy at home later. The sugar had officially kicked in. We started right in with dinner when we got home and had halibut provencal, a little steak, baked potatoes, green beans and really good bread! We invited some friends over in our ward and Aunt Nancy was here to enjoy the tasty food. It turned out great. Our friends brought over a strawberry dessert that was excellent and of course we had the See's chocolate's to satisfy our sweet tooth. Before the kids went to bed we colored eggs. Todd had told Emily that we would do it for family night and she just about had a melt down...."you always tell me the next day and the next day isn't even Easter", is what she said. I felt bad and we both realized how bad is that to color eggs the day after Easter. We busted out about 16 eggs and they each did 4. It was perfect and they enjoyed admiring their own work. I was so busy with everything that I didn't even get a picture of all of us in our Sunday clothes. The boys ran in the house and literally were changed out of their clothes by the time I got all of our bags back into the house. The only pics I have are the kids coloring eggs. I hate that life seems that busy to not be able to get the camera at the right time and take a picture. I better slow things down or I'm going to miss too many special moments.

It's Monday and Spring Break for us this week. Casey has been asking me, "Mom, where are we going for Spring Break?" He did say last week, "We should just go to Hawaii for Spring Break." To be a kid again. :) Hopefully we can make the best of our week together and find something fun for everyone to do. I better get back to my normal routine...changing sheets and finishing laundry.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Daily Happenings....

I got up early and was able to work out and be ready for the day before the kids were off to school. I love it when I can do that. Lately, I have been staying up too late to want to wake up that early and so I don't. I end up doing my workouts in the evening which I don't love. Anyway, I walked this morning on the Bob Jones Trail with a friend and that felt so good to get outside. The air was refreshing. Not a bad way to start out my day. I enjoyed the company/conversation with my friend.

Today and tomorrow are minimum days so I am enjoying the calm before the storm right now. :)haha Just stating the facts of life with 4 young ones. Later today we have 2 baseball games at the same time and a pack meeting that I have to bring a boat load of cookies to. Since I've taken care of the cookie making, let's see if I can finish the laundry and vacuum out the truck. It gets so bad so fast!!

I'm looking forward to the weekend and Spring Break next week. Not that I have anything planned but sometimes that is just how I like it. I have things planned all year long so when I'm not forced to I tend to enjoy not having a schedule. I am on for sharing time this Sunday so I need to finish up on that and make another boat load of Easter cookies for the kids.

I better get busy with the rest of my chores for today. I better set the timer and see how much I can get done. I love it when I stick to something like that.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Where Has The Time Gone??

I can't believe it has been 4 months since I last wrote. You can see by my last post what I have been busy with. I can't feel bad about not writing but can only start writing again. I miss documenting for my children's sake what our days are like around here. I will start fresh again...2009!

Baseball season is in full swing. Mitch is in Minors AAA on the Blue Jays and Casey is on the Angels. They are having a great time. Mitch was a bit intimidated playing with older boys but he is really coming around and doing well!! Casey is doing great and hits the ball so well. It is really fun to watch! It has been a juggling act on some days to get the boys where they need to be. Last Saturday I was in the car driving back and forth for about 5 hours. Thank goodness Mike was up here to watch the boys games and was able to watch the girls at one field while I took Casey to pictures at another field, his game at a different field and then back to watch the last of Mitty's game and then take the crew to watch Casey's game. Mike was great company and it was fun having him up.

Barbie and Jim came to visit on the weekend as well and we had a great time. I miss having family live closer. That is the biggest bummer about living away. When you want them to come hang out on the weekend they just live too far. Oh well, i enjoyed the time that we had to be together. Wish it could be every weekend.

We are approaching Spring break next week and I am hoping to do something with the kids. I'm not sure our weather is going to be good..it's a bit rainy outside right now. Where has the school year gone? The year is almost over and I can't believe Emily will be entering 1st grade next year. Why does that amaze me? It has been really fun watching her learn to read and spell on her own these last few months. She is doing a great job. I have to write down some of her words....they are just too cute. Meer (mirror), eastr (EASTER), woc (walk), flawr (flower). I am so happy with the kids progress this year.

Ellie is just too fun to watch. She is such a little mommy. She sets up her bears, bunnies and dolls in chairs and gets out her play dishes and serves them. Emily didn't play so much like that on her own. Emily was more interested in doing something with her brothers. Elle Belle has a bear and a bunny that have to get in bed with her at night. One is the mommy and one is the baby she tells us. She gets the wipes and diapers and then will change the bears diaper using a wipe. Very cute! She runs the household just like her sissy. I always say to myself that if something happened to me, Emily and Ellie could keep the place running as usual. They know where everything is, how to do it and keep their things picked up. Emily has been packing up the boys lunches in the morning. She wants to write their names on the bags and put the stuff in it and then deliver to their backpacks. IT's pretty cute. I can only hope I am still saying this when they are 14.

I'm off to clean up the house...make my bed, finish dishes, put in a load of laundry, fold 2 loads and watch the rain through the windows. :)