Saturday, July 04, 2009

Summer is Definitely Here.....Beach Days, Swim Lessons, Scout Camp

Summer is here and how nice it is to not have to get the kids up and ready for school every day. The best part is that I don't have to make lunches every morning. Even better than that is that Ellie is potty trained and has been for a couple of months. We are a diaper free zone!!! First time in 9 years that we aren't having to buy diapers. She is the best potty trained child ever. It took 2 days and she was doing it all by herself. And she doesn't wet the bed. Ahhhhhhh!! Potty training with Ellie has been the best and easiest experience I have ever had. She is so dang cute in her big girl underwear. She loves it!! She feels like a big girl now & is just like her sissy.

So far summer has been full of activities. Mitch and Casey were able to go to Cub Scout Day Camp for a week. They had lots of fun and especially loved the archery and BB gun shooting. I heard for about a week how they want a bb gun for Christmas. That just reassures me how boy they really are. :) Gotta love it. I found out that they are dead aim at shooting. It seems they take after their mom. :) It was a fun experience for them and Casey mentioned that he wished it went for a whole month. I'm glad Casey is so excited about Scouts.

This past week we have been over at the High School for swim lessons every day. The kids are loving it and we have one more week left. Elle Belle loves the water and seems to be showing no fear of the water. She is the one I didn't sign up for lessons this year. Next year for sure.

We have been able to share many days with our friends at the beach this summer. I love it. I have found that with 4 kids at home during the summer, the beach is our best friend. They have plenty of room to run, get dirty, throw sand balls, get wet, roll in the sand and not hurt a thing. We were able to spend last Monday night at the beach with a few other families for a bonfire. It was so great and the kids had a blast. I can't wait for the next one. It was much easier than I thought. With the kids being older, they help more with carrying all that is required. The sunny days have just been so wonderful. I can't express how thankful I am to live where I live. I don't think the weather is better anywhere else. The water could definitely get warmer up here on the central coast. Uhhhh 55 degrees just doesn't cut it. Of course, the kids still get in. i don't know how they do it. The one thing that is driving me crazy about our beach days is that the truck is just full of sand. Boogie Boards, chairs, buckets, bags and 5 people that have sand in every crevice pretty much unload it all inside the truck. Every where I touch seems to have sand. Ahhhhh!!! If it means the kids fight less, bicker less, enjoy each other more than I will deal with the sand. It has been fun to see the boys really getting out into the water this year. Casey is loving his boogie board and really getting out there to ride the waves. It's great!! Another sign that the kids are growing up.

We have plans to join with some other families tomorrow and enjoy the 4th of July.

The countdown is on....8 days until we are on a plane heading to Aloha land. The kids are excited and I am ready for a vacation. This next week will be busy around here. We have swim lessons every day, laundry to get done and packed, primary activity that I'm involved with, Sharing Time that I'm handling, and hopefully the kids will be extra helpful. I've got to get some pics on here soon. I have 800 pics on my camera. i'm so bad about loading and printing my pics. It's just another project that needs to be done when I have a free minute.