Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Five things that I am grateful for at this moment in my life:

* the ability to serve my Heavenly Father

* support from a wonderful husband

* a healthy family

* the desire to do right

* fun friends

Today was a good day. I started off the day again on the beach with friends. Ellie and I walked and then enjoyed a park day with friends from church. I am so thankful for the gospel. I am truly blessed! Goodnight

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School

Summer is gone and school is back in....routines, lunches, homework, schedules, and deadlines are back in full swing. There are some things I miss about summer..a little more freedom to come and go.

Some cuteness that has been going on around here is Miss Elle Belle. The older kids set out their clothes the night before the first day of school with excitement. Ellie didn't want to be left out so in the morning she came into my room to wake me and ask me, "Mom, what matches with this so I can go to preschool?" She was holding a cute shirt. Ahhh, that was the cutest! I felt so bad for a moment to have to break the news that she wasn't going to be attending preschool but that we could do our own preschool at home. We went out first thing and picked out a small backpack and she also found some mini scented markers, pencils and a pencil pouch to hold it all for her to play school. It is the cutest thing to watch her go through her items and color on a jr. pad of paper that fits into her backpack. Once the older ones got home and the backpack pile was back in full swing Ellie had to find hers and put it right on top of the pile. She isn't a baby anymore....she is a big girl!! It is so fun to watch her develop and grow up. It is so nice because she loves to put her items all back into the backpack and put it away when she is done. She is not known to leave things out around here. Everything has a place and it should be put back is pretty much what she lives by.

She also loves to go through her flash cards and tell me the colors and count the items. She has a great attention span and sit and do it for awhile...(30 + minutes).

Mitch, Casey and Emily are enjoying school so far (yesterday was their 3rd day). Emily is now at school with the others all day. It is pretty nice to not have the kindergarten schedule. Those 3 hours were gobbled up so fast. I have 2 more years until we are doing that again. Mitch is in a 4th/5th combo, Casey is in 3rd grade and Emily is now in 1st. Thankfully they are having fun with each other. Casey and Emily play together at recess which I think is cute. I am so glad that they all look after each other. The first day of school Casey carried Emily's backpack and jacket down to the car for her. I just love to see my boys doing that for their sister. Mitch said today that he starts to worry a bit if he doesn't see anyone in Emily's classroom after school when he goes to pick her up. I like to hear that. He cares about her and I know that makes her feel good. :)

I have started walking/jogging with some friends at the beach in the morning after I drop off the kids at school. It is a beautiful thing. The beach is about 3.8 miles from my house and is so convenient to take the stroller and walk on the hard pack sand. The walk is 4 miles or so and then I like to do a 2 mile jog as well. I love to get out and run in the fresh air. Nothing like walking along the shore in the morning. Today we saw a family of dolphins swimming along as we walked pretty close to the shore. Very cute!!

it's late and way passed my bedtime. Ugh!!