Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cute things kids say....


I was shopping for some shoes yesterday and trying on so many pairs. Ellie was right along side of me trying on shoes as well. She loves shoes! Anyway, she kept asking me, "well, how do you like this pair?" They were my size shoes :). I would tell her and then she would grab another pair. Pretty soon she came to me and put her head in my lap and said, "When are my feet going to get big?" I had to laugh. Of course, a little girl wants to be able to fit into her mom's size shoe.


Mitch put on his cup last Saturday for his first game and was having such a fit about how it was fitting. It is the same cup from last year and we never heard a complaint out of him. Anyway, he said, "Mom, look how huge it looks in my pants." I was trying not to laugh too hard because he was frustrated but pretty much couldn't help it. Todd and I both said that it would be fine...every boy on the team is having to wear one and they understand....it's no big deal. He came back with, "Everyone will just keep their thoughts to themselves but they will all be thinking how fat it looks." I cracked up! I can't imagine having to wear a hard cup in my underwear. He made it through the game without another complaint.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Way to go Mitch, Casey & Emily

I was so happy to go to an awards assembly yesterday to watch Mitch and Casey receive awards for their hard work. Mitch was recognized for making honor roll and Casey received an award for his math skills. All 3 of the kids stepped it up and really improved in all areas this last trimester. I can't even express how happy it makes me to read such great comments from their teachers.
It makes all of the stress of getting the kids to do homework all worth it! It makes me happy to know that all of their teachers enjoy having them in class.

Oh the joy that comes from being a mother!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Alone

A friend has picked up Ellie for a bit. Ellie loves to go to Costco so she is having fun on her outing. The house is quiet and there are so many things that I should be doing so why do I stall?

I was reading in a weight watcher magazine about changing habits. The example was to not eat meat for 3 days and load up on veggies instead. I thought about it and said to myself anyone can do anything for 3 days whether it is not eat sugar, eat less carbs, cut out the desserts or whatever it is that haunts each one of us in our diets. I took it a step further and thought spiritually I need to make better habits. So along with making a change in the kitchen/food, I will also make a change and read more scriptures each day for 3 days and then do it again for another 3 days and so on. The magazine article was talking about how we are more successful when we make mini challenges instead of huge ones that we almost set ourselves up for failure the minute we start. 3 day challenge is attainable!!

While the house is quiet, I have one more bed to change, walk on the treadmill, shower and get some laundry done. This afternoon is practice for one and a game for another. I guess I better think about dinner also. The busy-ness never goes away.

Side note...last night Casey gave a great FHE lesson on being kind. He printed off President Hinckley's talk "The Need for Greater Kindness" and read it to all of us. I have been asking the kids what they feel they need to work on and then let them find an article that fits. The girls sat on stools and put on their glasses and led the music. Too cute!!

Casey told me something really sweet the other day while I was playing the piano. The new song in Primary this year is "I Know My Savior Loves Me" Casey loves for me to play that song. He will sing along too. I love it. He told me that when I start to play the beginning, it makes him feel like crying. I was so happy for the opportunity to explain to him that he is feeling the spirit. I am so thankful that my children can feel the spirit and are recognizing what it feels like. Those comments make my heart swell! I am thankful for wonderful music that can bring that feeling into my home. The music "Hymns for a Peaceful Sabbath" is just wonderful. I love playing that while we are home on Sunday. I play it during the day with Ellie...(I'm not a TV watcher). It is peaceful and that is all I look for these days.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Life Just Doesn't Slow Down

Life is just crazy busy. There is something major happening all of the time with 4 kids, 3 in sports and 2 in scouts. I wouldn't trade them for anything but wouldn't mind a little slowing down once in a while. I love to watch the kids play baseball...I really do. It's exciting!!

Miss Emily just started her first year of softball with the girls. The girls named their team The Pink Panthers. She is a slugger!! She loves it! Her pink/purple glove with her brand new purple bat and bright pink socks with paw prints all over them and she is set. :) I love that she knows what to do after she hits the ball. She knows to get the ball after it has been hit and throw it to 1st base. She is on the ball and has a great arm. Way to go miss Em Em!!

The boys are still busy with practices. They don't officially start games until Mar. 27th. I only have a couple of weeks before it will be 7-8 games a week until June. Oh boy! Mitch is on the Giants and Casey is on the Padres. Great uniforms and great colors. That's important around here. :)

Last week I painted the house. I have been living with white walls for almost 12 years. Some color was definitely overdue. My living room and parts of my family room are cranberry. The other color I used on some other walls is called Maple Sugar. It has made it so cozy. The neighborhood kids come in and look around and say, "We just love how your house looks." I have never heard that before. The nasty flat white paint that I have stared at for so many years is finally in the past. :) Thank goodness that a week of going to bed at 2:30 and 3:00 are over. I can't work on painting when the kids are around.

Last Saturday I held a primary teacher/leader breakfast at my house. It was a success. Very fun to have just the leaders come and chat with one another. We had sticky buns, french toast souffle, yogurt, granola & fruit, omellete bar, sausage, lemon scones with apricots and cranberries and juice. It was a spread and it was delicious. I love putting on a party. I can't wait for the next one.

Grandma Carol is coming to visit tomorrow. I haven't seen her for awhile and so this will be fun. The kids are excited! Hopefully the weather stays sunny and nice. The rain that I hear right now may be an indication of no sunny weather. Hopefully, I am surprised. I'm off to enjoy the beautiful fire that Todd has going in our nice, cozy house. I know I need to post pics of so many things. I barely have time to put the pics on the computer let alone pick through them and put them into my posts. It's crazy life right now. I really can't imagine not doing all that I do. What would life be like? Children teach adults so much!!! I am ever so thankful for the opportunity to have children and to learn so much about life through my children.... PATIENCE and even then I still have a long way to go on being patient. Goodnight.