Monday, February 28, 2011

I love.......

My children, Mitty, Casey, Emily & Ellie
My husband, Todd
Bvlgari perfumes
My warm,perfect Red, North Face pullover
Little league baseball season
To run and run and run :)
Freshly changed sheets
The smell of the clean laundry drying
When Casey massages my feet
To eat popcorn at night with Todd while we watch TV
To wake up early and get lots of chores done by 9:00am
The windows open on a sunny day
To chew's a must. Extra, Mentos Pure
To see chores getting done
To hang out with my siblings & parents....we can have fun anywhere:)
To be in control of my eating
To lay out at the beach in the warm sun
To watch Emily play softball
To watch Ellie play Wii Just Dance
Walking into a clean house that isn't screaming for me to clean it
My good friends
My brothers & sisters
Serving the children in primary
Peanut butter & chocolate
Getting my hair done
Job stability
Going to the temple
Living on the central coast
Taking walks/hikes
When my kids get along
Sweet baby Mae & all other nieces & nephews
A cool crisp apple
To feel the Spirit ( there isn't a more peaceful feeling
A new car & the smell that goes with it
French country decor
When my children & Todd are happy
Thinking back on fun times/ memories of the river & Havasu
Good running shoes
A long back scratching session
When my mom comes to visit